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PM4D in Wakatobi, Indonesia


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PM4D in Wakatobi, Indonesia

  1. 1. PM4D: Participatory Media for Development in Wakatobi, Indonesia For four weeks I integrated the activities of the WWF/TNC (World Wide Fund for Nature/The Nature Conservancy) Program in Wakatobi Marine National Park. I and the volunteers' group participated in contacts with the local agents, with the local communities, and with WWF’s staff, volunteers and donors on a trip to Wakatobi. In collaboration with Indar Aminuddin and volunteers I worked with a group of nine Bajo women from Mola Village in the implementation of the PM4D method and with two groups of school students from Mola and Lyia in making photo-stories.
  2. 2. PM4D: Participatory Media for Development with Bajau Women's Group in Wakatobi, Indonesia The video “PM4D with Bajo women in Wakatobi” is the result of the four-day workshop. The women participants were part of a group of women that previously started a handicrafts center and expressed their availability for this workshop. The project was supported by the WWF/TNC Program and the Tourism Department of Wakatobi Regency. The women agreed to participate in PM4D without any financial compensation and for the full four days. A room in the village from the local government was used for the group exercises. From the workshop, a photo-story and a participatory video were made and are here presented. The group declared to have learn much, also about group work. The video was screened in the handicraft center to the rest of the community and later we heard the women’s group organized a screening themselves for more people. We expect to hear they made more videos by themselves and used it to seek support to expand their group activities, as they expressed they would.
  3. 3. The women’s group was happy to share the video widely to inspire other women’s group. Ideally it will, in due time, be shown in other islands of Wakatobi. The translation is often poor and is a work in process. This video is the group’s first attempt to communicate their vision and – please remember – PM4D it is about the workshop process rather than about the final product, so try to 'visualize' that. I’m happy to introduce to you the Bajo Women’s Group, Sikarimanang. Participatory Video: Photo-story:
  4. 4. PM4D: Photo-stories with students of Mola and Lyia in Wakatobi, Indonesia The PM4D method can be adjustable to the available time and resources, as well as the participants' needs. In Mola and Liya villages in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia; since the available time to work with the local students was limited and they were very young students, the workshop was simplified to a Photo-story session. In one afternoon the students learned the basics of handling a compact photo camera and of story-telling. Two groups of about six students wrote their own stories, decided which images best illustrate the steps of the story, went out to photograph, recorded the audio, and directed the video editing process. In Mola it was possible to have a screening for the community. This was a very energetic session with the other students and family members. In Liya the conditions were not ideal, and the participants' were left with the files of the photo-stories so they can organize the screening themselves. Photo-story from Mola: Photo-story from Lyia:
  5. 5. PM4D: Participatory Media for Development, by Patricia Santos – Know more @ pm4d.blogspot Acknowledgements Indar Inge Elizarni WWF staff and volunteers: Deva, Sugua TNC staff and volunteers: Saleh Filmed in November 2012, Edited in March 2013, Report sent in May 2013, Slideshare in July 2013.