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Directory digital magic 2014


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Directory digital magic 2014

  1. 1. COLOMBIA’S BEST TO THE WORLD AN INNOVATIVE, TRENDSETTING, AND VERTICALLY INTEGRATED INDUSTRY Learn more about Colombia’s top companies and all they can provide for your business. L ib ertad y O rd e n
  2. 2. BRANDS
  3. 3. GIGO UNDERWEAR GIGO is a producer and seller of underwear and swimwear for men. Products: Underwear and swimwear for men. Luz Adelaida Cañas Salgado (+57 4) 413 3040
  4. 4. GINO GABUCHI Gino Gabuchi has been a men's brand since 1983. Owned by the Abuchaibe Group, which has over 35 years of experience as one of the leading textile groups of Colombia. Gino Gabuchi was created for the modern, casual and contemporary man, giving highest standards of exclusivity, design and quality. Products: Men's, formal and casual wear, pants, shirts and kits. Juan Aristizabal (+57 5) 344 8539
  5. 5. MISTURA Founders and creative visionaries, are vanguard in collaborating and harmonizing the methodology between Mother Nature and the mastery of watch-making. Combining their innovative spirit and environmental consciousness to the clockwork of life, the timepiece of opulent precision was born: Mistura. Their inventive prophecy was inspired by an unspoken symbiosis and collaborative union between ecological preservation and unparalleled style that impacts a breadth of culture. Fueling their passion of creating chronometry and working with natural processes of luxuriating exotic woods, leathers, and recycled material. The Mistura legacy continues to redefine the public’s persona of “eco-friendly” sophistication. Products:Wooden wristwatches Nicolas Burgert (+57 4) 305 2300
  6. 6. Exclusive Underwear & Swimwear JOR UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR JOR is a Colombian fashion, underwear and swimwear brand, with 100% Latin spirit. Products: Underwear and swimwear for men. Exclusive Underwear & Swimwear Javier Ortega (+57 4) 230 8704
  7. 7. R SILUET SHAPEWEAR Siluet is a Colombian brand with over 30 years in the shape wear industry. Founded in 1982, Siluet is a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of high-end shape wear. With top quality materials and garments, that enhance women's body to have the perfect slim look, Siluet helps women feel more confident, comfortable and happy. All products are manufactured, dyed and hand-stitched in Bogotá, Colombia. Siluet Shape Wear is sold worldwide from Latin America to Europe, Asia and the United States, among other countries. R Products: Girdles in different materials such as latex, powernet and Lycra Nylon. Recommended for slimming, reducing, and controlling women's bodies. Also recommended for postpartum and postsurgical treatments. Ana Maria Vargas 305 597 9898
  8. 8. SPORT WORLD CI Sports World is a leading manufacturer of women’s denim. Specializing in push up denim, CI Sports World has ample experience in exporting to most Latin and North American countries. Products: Push-up denim and women's casual wear. Mauricio Arango (+57 4) 361 5904 (+57) 312 791 1452
  9. 9. UNICO INTERIOR LLC Unico is a manufacturer and exporter of fine men’s underwear made in Colombia, wich has been in business since 1996 and exporting to the U.S since 2002. Currently, Unico manufactures cotton boxers in white, grey, black and blue colors with a standard boxer composition of 93% cotton, 7% spandex and also in microfibers (93% Nylon, 7% Spandex). The products are hand-stitched and made with the finest fabrics available, providing great comfort to the customers. Products: Men's underwear and swimwear. Miguel Coello (305) 805-8885
  10. 10. SOURCING
  11. 11. TECHNIPRINT We are a screen printing company that offers different kinds of printing techniques, including sublimation. We offer full package service that goes with the added value of printing technologies that we have at our disposal. Products: Screen printing, sublimation, and full package. Juan C. Salazar C. (+57 4) 444 2735
  12. 12. ARTICUR GENUINE LEATHER ARTICUR is a leather accessories manufacturing company specialized in private label. With over 35 years since its establishment, ARTICUR has become an important choice for local and global sourcing initiatives for leather goods manufacturing. Products: Leather belts, cotton webbed belts, leather bags, canvas bags, sandals, bracelets, travel accessories (wallets, passport holder, ipad/iphone/laptop cases), and leather dog collars. Alejandro Mesa (+57 4) 562 0303
  13. 13. G R U P O AGUZ L T D GRUPO AGUZ LTDA A Fabricamos Diseñamos Grupo Aguz is focused on designing, fabricating, buying, and selling procesess, as well as leather imports and exports activities. Products: Leather products. Ivan Leonardo Agudelo Gutierrez (+57 1) 615 6711
  14. 14. INDUSTRIAS MARATHON LTDA. Marathon currently sells men, women, and children’s both formal and sports socks. Our main domestic clientele is composed of big retailers in Colombia where we sell both our own label (Marathon) or retail private label. Our main business abroad is doing private label for distributors or big retailers mainly in the United States, Venezuela, and the Caribbean. Products: Socks. Alan Khoudari (+57 1) 344 0977
  15. 15. TEXTILES LAFAYETTE S.A.S. Lafayette is a Colombian company with 72 years of experience in the textile industry. It is a vertically integrated business involving spinning,weaving, and finishing. It is the leader in the Latin American market for high tech polyester fabrics, woven and knits. Lafayette produces its own advanced polyester which can be blended with cotton or Lycra to create excellent durability. resistance and easy Maintenence. Lafayette offices in Ecuacor,Venezuela,Peru,Costa Rica Guatemala and Mexico and representatives in diffrent parts or the world like USA,Spain,Italy among others. Products: Performance fabrics. Daniel Kopec (+57 1) 617 1598
  16. 16. PROEXPORT For more information please contact: IN THE WORLD RUSSIA GERMANY CANADA Montreal, Toronto. UNITED STATES San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. MEXICO Mexico City, Guadalajara. GUATEMALA COSTA RICA (Panama). COLOMBIA UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN CHILE Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong. San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port of Spain VENEZUELA ECUADOR PERU JAPAN SOUTH KOREA CHINA SPAIN INDIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BRAZIL ARGENTINA TURKEY SINGAPORE INDONESIA L ibe rtad y O rd en