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SEO FOR WEB DEVELOPERS by Ruben Martinez for Paradigma and Javahispano


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Slides of a talk by Ruben Martinez at the Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid about SEO for web developers.

All the topics included in this presentation are covered on the eBook "SEO for Web Developers". Download it at

Topics included
- What is technical SEO
- How to audit the SEO of a website
- Actionble SEO for developers
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SEO FOR WEB DEVELOPERS by Ruben Martinez for Paradigma and Javahispano

  1. 1. < SEO FOR web developers /> Universidad CEU San Pablo Madrid, 26 febrero 2013 Ruben Martinez Paradigma | Javahispano
  2. 2. WHAT IS SEo ?SEO is everything that helps a website generate more revenues from search engines. Technical Off seo page
  3. 3. Why is technical SEO important1 Helps close the gap between web servers and search engines2 Helps close the gap between search engines and websites
  4. 4. www search flow OPTIMIZE User UNDERSTAND Web developerresources World Wide Web Search engines Servers Site architecture Page Author/sBottlenecks Connections Crawl Speed Structure Content Content Index Availability relevance purpose Rank SEO deals with the bottlenecks in the information flow
  5. 5. What can SEO do for a web developer?Save time Organizeand energy functionalities IntermediateDetect the expectationsunknown of UX, design andbugs early web developers
  6. 6. How does an experienced SEO audit a web site 1 Crawl 2 Filter $ head crawl.txt $ cut -f1,2 crawl.txt | sed -e s/http://www.{domain}. {tld}//g -e s/t/,/g |grep -v ".jpg|http:|.css|.js" >filtered.csv $ head -5 filtered.csv 3 Visualize the network and analyze 4 Gephi
  7. 7. variables for audit Backlinks Targeted keywords Content inventory Site architecture Site health Engagement
  8. 8. Measurement toolsBacklinks Ahrefs, OpenSiteExplorerPageRank Google ToolbarCompetition Adword’s Keyword Estimator ToolRankings Google Webmasters ToolsContent inventory Xenu, Screaming FrogDuplicate content CopyscapePages indexed Operator “site:” on GoogleSite architecture GephiServer logs Apache Log Viewer, SplunkCrawler reports Google Webmasters ToolsEngagement Web analytics providers
  9. 9. Link graph Example speakers.php terms-and-conditions.pdf /2012/program.php program.pdfprogram.php en-index.php venue.php hashtag-traking-live.php
  10. 10. What SEO should developers carry out? Content is king. Make sure that you have great content.
  11. 11. 1 Findable content Reach out to publishers Upload your content Upload sitemaps to search engines Image <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="" XML xmlns:image=""> <url> sitemaps <loc></loc> <image:image> <image:loc></image:loc> </image:image> <image:image> <image:loc></image:loc> </image:image> </url> </urlset>
  12. 12. 2 Accessible content Host your content in an easy-to-reach reliable server Design a simple site architecture Link your internal pages sensibly Curate broken links URL structure Avoid frames and flash $ w3m –dump “” less
  13. 13. 3 Clear content Determine the canonical page. Pagination and canonicalization <link rel="canonical" href=" story=abc&page=2"/> <link rel="prev" href=" story=abc&page=1&sessionid=123" /> <link rel="next" href=" story=abc&page=3&sessionid=123" />
  14. 14. 4 Controllable content Use robots.txt Block bots of spammers and scrapers Avoid cloaking Use the metatags noindex, noarchive Submit URLs you want to remove from Google’s index Monitor your site for hacked content Set the crawling rate of Googlebot Administer your PageRank budget
  15. 15. 5 Valuable content Write a content management protocol to deal with obsolete content. minimise 404 errors and provide a useful 404 page learn the differences between 301 and 302 redirects and use preferably 301 codes use the 410 HTTP status code in some cases for empty pages
  16. 16. 6 Measurable content Get data from: Server logs log <- getURL("sftp://user:password@host: /path/to/apache/accesslog.log") Libraries of tags Google Analytics Split tests or tests A/B
  17. 17. google webmasters Crawl Erros
  18. 18. Crawl Status
  19. 19. Index Status
  20. 20. Search Queries
  21. 21. Advanced SEOSetting URL parameters on Google Webmasters Tools Latent Dirichleet Allocation (LDA) International and multilingual SEO Prediction of traffic – valuation of traffic
  22. 22. thank you Follow@rubenmartinezs@paradigmate@javahispano