Nidhi paper cs


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Nidhi paper cs

  1. 1. C.T POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, SHAHPUR MST-I ENGLISH &COMMUNICATION SKILLS –IITime: 2 hours Max marks: 45 SECTION- A 1 x 10= 10(I) Fill in the blanks: a) The grandmother fed…….in the village b) The third stage in man’s life is that of a…….. c) During the first day of any tour, there are moments of……. d) The……….man is often a man who is making the best of life &therefore has no time to remember the mediocre. e) A.H. Clough’s poem inspires to do ………for attaining success in life.(II) Multiple choice questions: (i) The best way to review the landscape is by: (a) Walking (b) Railway train (c) Aero plane (d) Running (ii) The third stage in man’s life is that of a : (a) Soldier (b) Lover (c) Judge (d) Teacher (iii) Khushwant Singh‘s grandmother viewed music as the profession of : (a) Actors (b) Harlots (c) Singers (d) Musicians (iv) Acc. to Lynd. we forget those things which we: (a) don’t like (b) do like (c) hate (d) love (v) Acc. to A.H. Clough , if hopes are dupes fears may be: (a) unsound (b) liars (c) true (iv) real SECTION- B 5 x 3 =15(I) Attempt any two questions: Q1: Describe the continuous relationship between grandmother & the writer, both in village as well as in city? Q2: What message does the poet wants to communicate in the poem Say Not, The Struggle Nought Availeth? Q3: What acc. to Robert Lynd, are the matters in which human memory works with less than its usual perfection?(II) Do as directed: (i) The old father said,” I wish my son may prosper!” (Change the narration) (ii) He said,” Does Richard live in Golden Avenue?” (Change the narration) (iii)The teacher said that the sun rises in the east. (Change the narration) (iv) Put on (use the idiom in a sentence) (v) A Child’s play (use it in a sentence) SECTION – C 10 x 2 = 20Attempt any two questions:Q1: Write a letter to a manufacturer asking him to supply goods in time or to cancel theorder.Q2: Draft a report about increasing chain snatching in your town?Q3: State various modes of communication?