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PandA Law Firm Services


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PandA Law Firm Services

  1. 1. P And A Law Firm Services Bank loan Modifications A bank loan modification allows you to lower your interest rate, extend the term of one's mortgage, and, in certain circumstances, reduce the outstanding principal balance of one's mortgage. This alternative generally exists for individuals who have experienced an economic hardship, including a reduction in salary or hours worked, and who can no longer afford their mortgage payments. Although you might choose to contact your lender(s) personally to negotiate a bank loan modification, our encounter is that with borrowers defaulting at record high rates and lenders not having the resources or capacity to respond to everyone in a timely manner, attempting to obtain a mortgage modification on your own may well result in significant loss of your time and/or funds. By selecting to retain Peters & Associates, LLP, you will receive the legal services of a firm that is uniquely suited to negotiate mortgage modifications. Mr. Zakalik formerly represented banks against lawsuits brought by borrowers alleging predatory loan practices. Drawing from this past encounter, Mr. Zakalik brings to the Firm knowledge that you or other law firms might not possess as to how banks and mortgage service companies defend against consumer complaints and lawsuits. In addition, to offer insight into how a lender's loss mitigation department (the lender's division that negotiates mortgage modifications) operates and provide our clients the best possible result, the Firm employs the services of a team of former mortgage brokers , lenders, underwriters and processors to supply expert consultation and processing services. This combination of specific knowledge and experience has allowed the Firm to develop an exceptional legal strategy for negotiating mortgage modifications that delivers results.
  2. 2. Commercial / Rental Property Bank loan Modification The Law Firm of Peters & Associates is proud to announce that commercial / investment property owners are now able to get relief through our Commercial Property Loan Modification Service! Regardless of the current occupancy level, Peters & Associates can negotiate with the banks on your behalf to lower your payments and even eliminate 2nd or 3rd mortgages entirely. Our program can SAVE YOUR PROPERTY FROM FORCLOSURE / TRUSTEE SALES, GET YOU OUT OF DEFAULT, and HELP YOU AVOID FILING BANKRUPTCY. We believe that your business property is just as important as your home and we want to help you understand your options to make that investment pay off in both the short and long term. Click Here to learn more.- PandA Law Firm Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure permits you to relieve yourself of your bank loan obligations by giving your lender title to your property. It permits you to bypass the foreclosure process and will usually have less of a negative effect on your credit rating than a foreclosure. Even if you owe more than your property is worth, the Firm can negotiate with your lender to relieve you of this deficiency so that you owe nothing to the lender. In some circumstances, the Firm may possibly even be able to help you receive a money settlement. The Firm has experience negotiating deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure and can assist you in determining whether this is your best alternative based on your circumstances. Short Sale A Short Sale enables a homeowner to sell their property for less than what is owed. A Short Sale offers the benefits of allowing a homeowner to rid themselves of the financial burden of the home in a way that may also alleviate them of any deficiency judgment. The Firm has encounter negotiating Short Sales and can complete the entire Short Sale process for you from start to finish, including listing the property, as well as, possibly negotiating for no deficiency judgment. In some cases, a Short Sale might be accomplished with no out-of-pocket expenses to the homeowner. Bankruptcy In some instances, bankruptcy is the only viable alternative available to an individual. Filing bankruptcy can help you save your home from foreclosure and eliminate or greatly reduce your debt, including
  3. 3. second or third mortgages and credit card bills. The nuances of bankruptcy law are complex, but the Firm's attorneys will take the time to fully explain the different types of bankruptcies available to you to ensure that you fully understand the process and are comfortable with the results and consequences. For more information regarding the advantages of bankruptcy, please visit The Nevada Bankruptcy Court's Information Page. P And A Law Firm