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  • Four stages Exercise/activity of the 4 stagesHave them think of experiences with each stageF-s-n-p stages activity from ModuleFour Inner Genius StylesImportance of diversity of thoughtSources of conflictContributions and alignment of skills
  • Team OwnershipIKEA effectCreating something yourselfAnalogy with Ground RulesActivity to create ownership?
  • What results steps do they follow?Does your process:Have a great brainstorming process?Secure resources?Identify blocks & barriers?Celebrate success?Activity: brainstorming ideas and going through the step
  • Draw success how it works

    1. 1. “Drawing out” ideas and solutions to accelerate organizational results.
    2. 2. ™How it Works…
    3. 3. Contents• The Three Critical Components to Achieve Results• Our Unique Approach• The DrawSuccess Game• DrawSuccess Programs• Wraparound Process: Pre-Work and Results Plans
    4. 4. The 3 Critical Components to Achieve Results
    5. 5. 1st Critical Component: Performance Forming Storming Norming Performing
    6. 6. 2nd Critical Component: Ownership OWNERSHIP
    7. 7. 1st Critical Component: Process The 9 Steps to Accelerating Results Celebrate Step 9 Success! Monitor Progress, Step 8 Adapt and Change Assign Actions, Roles, Step 7 People and Timelines Secure Required Step 6 Resources and Support Anticipate and Remove Step 5 Obstacles Define Results and Step 4 Measurements Turn Ideas Step 3 Into Goals Step 2 Prioritize IdeasStep 1 Generate Ideas and Solutions
    8. 8. The 3 Critical Components to Achieve Results
    9. 9. The DrawSuccess Approach to Training Skills & Change Achieve to to toKnowledge Behavior Results
    10. 10. The DrawSuccess Approach to Training Skills & Change Achieve toKnowledge Behavior Results
    11. 11. The Cornerstone of Every DrawSuccess Program… The DrawSuccess Game!
    12. 12. Unique: The Patented Game• Experiential Learning Approach• Activates Both Sides of The Brain Through Interactive, Fun Activities• Engages All Five Learning Styles: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual, Social/Emotional and Metacognitive• Takes Teams Through The Four Stages of the Behavior Change Process (Awareness/Understanding/Involvement/Commitment)• Facilitates Innovation and Problem-Solving Throughout the Organization
    13. 13. Inside a DrawSuccess Workshop• Pre-Work: DrawSuccess Team Development Assessment• Play the DrawSuccess Game – Generate Ideas – Identify Inner Genius Styles – Build Unity• Explore Individual Behavior and Group Dynamics – Personality types, including how to Recognize and Adapt to Other Styles – The Tuckman Model’s 4 Stages of Team Development• Opportunities & Solutions – Exercises to delve into the ideas generated• Prioritize and Turn Ideas into Goals – The first two steps of the DrawSuccess 9-step results process• Follow-up Webinars – To finalize the results process and celebrate success.
    14. 14. Our Solutions
    15. 15. Each Program Has…• 12 questions in each category (12 Arrow, 12 Circle, 12 Heart, 12 Sun and 12 Triangle cards).• A unique PlayBook.• Inner Genius Style descriptions as they relate to the program topic. (Remember: each Inner Genius Style has a unique approach to everything from time management to decision making from sales to project management and everything in between!)• Results that focus on the topic and relate specifically to the organization and/or team.
    16. 16. The Cards
    17. 17. The Cards
    18. 18. The Cards
    19. 19. The Cards
    20. 20. The Cards
    21. 21. The CardsTriangle Questions offer ideas for brainstorming andcoming up with ideas for the team and companyHeart Questions denote the Inner Genius Style of Note:the players in their personal/home life. The four Inner Genius Styles are aligned withArrow Questions denote the Inner Genius Style several otherof the players at work. personality theories, including DISC,Sun Questions denote the Inner Genius Style of the Wilson, BESTplayers as they are perceived by others. and MBTI)Circle Questions are for sharing, building unity andhaving fun!
    22. 22. DrawSuccess Materials: PlayBooks and Color Profiles• Every participant receives a DrawSuccess PlayBook and set of Color Profiles.• The DrawSuccess PlayBook is a fun, interactive way to process the learning from the DrawSuccess Game while it is still fresh – and to take teams through the basics of the DrawSuccess Program.
    23. 23. A Peek Inside a DrawSuccess PlayBook
    24. 24. A Peek Inside a DrawSuccess PlayBook
    25. 25. A Peek Inside a DrawSuccess PlayBook
    26. 26. A Peek Inside a DrawSuccess PlayBook
    27. 27. Sample Cards from theIntegration & Change Management Program
    28. 28. Pre-Work:The DrawSuccess Team Development Assessment
    29. 29. The Results Measurement and Planning Process
    30. 30. Timeline 15-30 Days 30 Days 60 Days Before Program Program 1 Week After 2 Weeks After 3 Weeks After 90 Days After Start Date: Start Date Start Date: Start Date: Start Date: Start Date:• Select Full Day Web Meeting Web Meeting Web Meeting Participants Workshop #1 #2 #3• Select Program• Schedule Class• Submit DSTDA Celebrate Success!
    31. 31. Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1• How is DrawSuccess different from the other programs in the marketplace?• How does DrawSuccess differ from other Personality/Behavioral programs?• What kinds of companies are ideal for DrawSuccess?• Are there any industries or types of companies where DrawSuccess doesn’t fit?• Does DrawSuccess work best with entry-level employees or senior executive teams?
    32. 32. Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2• How many people can participate at once?• Does DrawSuccess offer a Train-the-Trainer program?• What requirements are there for someone to facilitate DrawSuccess inside their company or organization?• I just want to buy a game. Can I do that?• Does DrawSuccess offer customized programs?