JCC ARF DiREx 2013


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JCC ARF DiREx 2013

  1. 1. Joint Coordination Center
  2. 2. ARF DiREX 2013Joint Coordination Center
  3. 3. ExecutiveCommittee  FTX Div  SAR  Log  Med  ICT  TTX Div   Support Div  LogisticSupport  Admin&Finance  Proto&PR&Secrt&Leg  Planning andCoordinating Div   AAR Div  FTX   TTX  Pre exercise preparation structure.
  4. 4. JCC: Concept and Purposeศูนยประสานงานรวม การฝก ARF DiREX 20132•  สถานที่ ที่ผูแทนหนวยงานรวมจัดการฝก ทำหนาที่รวมกันในการประสานรวบรวมขอมูลที่เกี่ยวของกับการฝกฯ ทุกชนิด2•  เพื่อสนับสนุนขอมูลประกอบการตัดสินใจ แกไขปญหาที่เกิดขึ้นโดยไมคาดคิด2•  ปองกันไมใหเกิดการสื่อสารผิดพลาด หรือการขัดแยงกันของขอมูล2•  ทำใหการแกไขปญหาเปนไปอยางรวดเร็ว ถูกตอง 2•  ผูปฏิบัติงานทุกคนมีภาพการปฏิบัติงานอยางเดียวกัน 2X(Common Operating Picture)2•  เกิดความรวมมือในการประสานการทำงานรวมกันระหวางหนวยงาน2(Interagency Coordination) 2
  5. 5. JCC: Functiorsศูนยประสานงานรวม การฝก ARF DiREX 201322•  Information Sharing and distribution.•  Interagency Coordination of effort.•  Support exercise activities.•  Resource tracking•  Accomodate and Facilitate exercise
  6. 6. JCC / UCOperaon  FTX  TTX  Security  EMS  Planning  Situaon  Resource  Demobilizaon  Logisc  Service  Comm.    Medical  Support  Protocol  CIQ  Ground  Support  Facilies  Finance  PIO  (JIC)   Liaison  JCC StructureTHAI  DDPM  DDG  (Mr.Anusorn)  ASEAN  DDG  (Ms.Bussadee)  TMFA  Republic  of  Korea  (                                                                                            )  (                                                                                            )  DDPM  Exercise Control and CoordinateStructure
  7. 7. Objectives•  Coordinate and Support all ARF DiREX2013 activities during the exercise.•  Responsible for safety and security issueof all participants. (foreign anddomestic) •  Provide immediate assistance to anyemergency situation.•  Share exercise management informationwith any concerned parties.
  8. 8. Scope•  Communication plan. •  EMS and Medical plan.•  Security plan. Safety messages. •  Traffic and ground support plan.•  Situation awareness. Maps and GIS. •  Logistic support.•  Recourse tracking and identification•  Demobilization plan.•  VIPs and Liaison management.
  9. 9. Responsibilities•  JCC/UC    •  Command  Staff:  PIO(JIC.),  Liaisons  •  General  Staff:    – Operaon:  TTX,  FTX(Safety),  Security,  EMS.  – Planning:  Situaon(Rama  6,  Hotel),  Resource,  Demobilizaon.  – Logisc    •  Service:  Communicaon,  Medical  (first  aid)  •  Support:  Protocol,  Transportaon,  Facilies.  •  Finance    
  10. 10. JCC / UC Chief of Staff1. Ensure safety and security to allparticipants2.Command and control all JCC staff andactivities.3. Activate contingency plan when needed.4.Coordinate and manage informationsharing.5. Approved press release.
  11. 11. JIC.Public Information Officer: PIO1. Overall management of press and mediainformation center. 2. Manage exercise information and pressrelease to media and appropriate agencies.3. Organize and manage VIPs interview.4. Create proper procedure for publicinformation for the exercise. 5. Media daily briefing.
  12. 12. LOFR.Liaison Officer 1. Develop liaison procedure plan andhandbooks.2. Coordinate delegates and VIPs schedule.3. Maintain communication and report ofall liaison staff. 4. Contact point for all AgencyRepresentatives.5. Coordinate with local authoritiessupporting the exeercise.
  13. 13. Operaon  TTX   FTX   Security   EMS  Republic  of  Korea  (                                                                                            )  (                                                                                            )  THAI  DDPM      DoD  •  Expert  Session  •  Discussion  TTX  •  FTX  Site  visit    •  EOC  •  VIPs  Security  •  Police  •  Hotel  security  •  ERT  •  1669  •  Field  hospital  •  Hospital  refer  
  14. 14. Planning  Situaon  Fieldobserver  Display  Processor  Resource  Check  in  Demobilizaon  
  15. 15. SituationUnit LeaderFieldobserverDisplayProcessor•  Data Collection and analysis.•  Maintain situation report on•  Liaison •  Delegates and VIPs•  Exercise progress TTX, FTX•  Display situation mapping, GIS•  Develop chart, map
  16. 16. ResourceCheck in•  Display current status and location of allJCC. resources.•  Develop Check in functions and location.
  17. 17. Logisc  Service  Communicaon  Medical  Facilies  Support  Protocol:  CIQ  Ground  Support  Finance  
  18. 18. Communicaon  •  Radio communication channel and equipment.•  JCC Staff (Thai and RoK staff)•  Liaison staff•  Field observer.•  JCC to local authorities (Police, EMS)•  Internet support.•  Telephone, Fax•  Etc.
  19. 19. Medical  •  First aid•  Basic medical support for participantsat hotel.
  20. 20. Facilies  •  Coordinate with hotel facility manager.•  Arrange additional venue when needed.
  21. 21. Protocal  •  CIQ•  Legal assistance
  22. 22. Ground  support  •  Transportation support •  Emergency case.•  Delegates and VIPs. •  Special delivery to and from JCC. •  JCC Staff transportation.• 
  23. 23. Finance  
  24. 24.  ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise 2013"7 – 11 May 2013, Petchaburi, Thailand    Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media6 May 13MondayArrival13.00-16.00PreparationMeetingFTX WGVenue: EOC Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival and MediaBadgeCollectionVenue:KhaoLuang 1 &26 May 2013
  25. 25. Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media7 May 13Tuesday09.00-10.00 EOC briefing10.00-12.00JointPlanningVenue: TBC09.00-12.15Briefing &Experts’ Session 12.15 LunchVenue: Napalai Ballroom A-B13.00-16.00: CrossTrainingFTX13.00-16.00Prep MtgTTX WGVenue: TBC13.00-16.00 Prep MtgAAR WGVenue: TBCFree timeExerciseObservation  Free time/ExerciseObservationVenue: Ex. sites16.30-17.15 Opening Ceremony , Group PhotoVenue: Royal Dusit Ballroom A-BOpen tomedia18.30 Welcome Dinner co- hosted by Thailand and RoKVenue: Royal Dusit Ballroom Dress code: Smart Casual 7 May 2013
  26. 26. Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media8 May 13Wednesday08.00-20.00FTXActivities Day 1 Venue:Ex.site09.00-17.00TTXActivities  Venue:NapalaiBallroom A-B08.00-16.00: ExerciseObservation 17.00:CoordinationMeetingVenue: TBCAll Day:ExerciseObservationExerciseObservation(selected)All Day:ExerciseObservation Venue: Ex. sites8 May 2013
  27. 27. Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media9 May 13Thursday08.00-16.00FTXActivities Day 2 Venue:Ex.site09.00-15.00FTXObservation 15.00-17.00TTX ReviewVenue: TBC 08.00-16.00: ExerciseObservation17.00:Coordination MeetingVenue : TBCAll Day :ExerciseObservationExerciseObservation(selected)All Day:ExerciseObservation Venue: Ex. sites19.00 Event Dinner (hosted by MOD)Venue: TBC Dress code: Smart Casual 9 May 2013
  28. 28. Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media10 May 13Friday09.30-11.00VIP BriefingVenue TBCFree time/Exhibition Tour 09.30-11.00VIP BriefingVenue TBC Join VIPBriefingVenue: TBC 11:00-12.00 Closing. Venue: Rama 6 Camp12.00 Lunch Open tomedia13.30 Preparation Meeting AAR Venue: TBC 10 May 2013
  29. 29. Date FTX TTX AAR Observers VIPs Media8 May 13WednesdayAll Day: Departure 11 May 2013
  31. 31. Internaonal  Domesc  
  32. 32. INCIDENT COMMANDORGANIZATION CHART  Public  Informaon  Officer  INCIDENTCOMMANDERLiaison    Officer  Safety    Officer  Operaon  Secon  Chief  Planning  Secon  Chief  Finance/Admin  Secon  Chief  Planning  Secon  Chief  Time  Unit  Leader  Comp/Claims  Unit  Leader  Procurement  Unit  Leader  Cost  Unit  Leader  Resource  Unit  Leader!Situaon      Unit  Leader!Demobilizaon  Unit  Leader!Document  Unit  Leader!Single  Resource!Task  Force  Leader!Staging  Area  Manager!Group  Supervisor!Air  Operaon  Branch  Director!Branch  Director!Division  Supervisor!Strike  Team  Leader!Communicaon  Unit  Leader  Service    Branch  Director Support    Branch  Director Supply                          Unit  Leader  Medical              Unit  Leader  Food                        Unit  Leader  Facilies                    Unit  Leader  Ground  Support                Unit  Leader