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Hashtag Marketing Refinement


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Show me what I’m getting from my hashtags. RiteTag does that. Here's why you should accept nothing less.

Things to do with your RiteTag scheduled posts:

1. After a quick look at My top-performing tags in Tag Optimizer, and double-clicking retweets, favorites, or clicks on links, you might want to use one of your top-performers in the tweet/post.
2. No longer relevant or timely? Delete it. Just takes two clicks.
3. Change/add/remove attribution - @usernames, they're editable, too.
4. Change the date and/or time. You may also want to try changing the range of hours your auto-scheduled tweets go out - in Settings.
5. As your Twitter chops improve, and you see that you'll get one and two levels deep of retweets/shares on a huge percentage of your RiteTagged posts, you may want to leave more room for them. Do that by trimming excess words and abbreviate when possible. Do that, too, from Scheduled.

RiteTag converts your full URLs to our own proprietary tinyURL so we can track - just for you, not made public - what happens with each of your tweets and the URL(s) in each of them. #returnonhashtags

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Hashtag Marketing Refinement

  1. 1. #Hashtag marketing refinement Pro-tips for #ReturnOnHashtags
  2. 2. When you bother to tweet, RiteTag. RiteTag and schedule rite from any web page with RiteTag browser extensions. If it’s worth sharing, it’s worth smart-tagging.
  3. 3. Click this to load the page title & URL
  4. 4. I smart-tag & schedule #hashtagacademy articles with the RiteTag Chrome Extension.
  5. 5. Why reply to mentions in Hootsuite - from Hootsuite?
  6. 6. Paste those tweets into the RiteTag browser extension and tag-optimize before scheduling
  7. 7. Use Tag Optimizer’s 3 sources of hashtags strategically. RiteTag A.I. #hashtagacademy
  8. 8. Use what’s working: your My Top-Performing Tags 2. My Top-Performing Tags
  9. 9. Create “Tag Sets” from Stats 3. In Stats, save Tag Sets your way.
  10. 10. Stats & My Top-Performing Tags (in Tag Optimizer): click headings to get your leaders - link click-throughs, retweets leaders and more. Use those Stats and “My Top-Performing”: measure what you get, use what’s working and save them as Tag Sets - one of three tabs in Tag Optimizer.
  11. 11. Click tags to add to TagBag and save with a name that says what the hashtags you’ve grouped together are best for.
  12. 12. Set up Tag Scans: continuous updating of hashtags used with your topics - and updated ranking of suggested tags.
  13. 13. You’ll get suggestions to study Tag Scans are always updating, since tags hashtags used with words change. Click suggested tags with long pink lines in Tag Scans, and then, tabs, to analyze. The same thing with A.I. results >
  14. 14. Check Top-Performing before A.I. (search)
  15. 15. Whatever you do, don’t #tagspam
  16. 16. Instead, schedule a tweet with 1-2 tags, reschedule the same tweet for another day with other smart hashtags
  17. 17. Double-click RiteTag Stats columns to see your clickthrough leaders, retweet leaders and more.
  18. 18. Never trust a “top tags” blog. Trust data. Trust quantified results- in Stats and My Top-Performing Tags
  19. 19. Get hands on RiteTag #protips! PR pros, social media managers and virtual assistants: Graduate a Certified RiteTagger by getting in with us in #hashtagacademy Click #hashtagacademy to get in on workshops in Google+ We’re doing monthly workshops for those serious about getting content seen. Search #hashtagacademy in Googleplus to see when our events. Write me, RiteTag founder for ideas, help, partnerships and what you have in mind!
  20. 20. If you’re already winning with hashtag marketing, you’ll want to schedule more, Tag Scan much more... Lock in now at the lowest prices we’ll ever be For $9/month (annualized - $108/year) you get: 20 interactive RiteTag Reports/month 50 tweets/custom schedules/auto-schedules PER DAY. Beta-access to our upcoming iPhone and Android apps - included at no cost. US$13/month or, for a 30% savings, $108 for the year.