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TYPO3 Camp Poznan - Solr Usecases with Hosted Solr


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This is a presentation of Hosted Solr as a Search as a Service component for your CMS or Web Application. We also showcase some of the TYPO3 Solr implementations made by us and other TYPO Community members.

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TYPO3 Camp Poznan - Solr Usecases with Hosted Solr

  1. 1.
  2. 2. dkd design kommunikation development
  3. 3. Hosted Solr TYPO3Camp Poland 2014 ! Olivier Dobberkau dkd Internet Service GmbH
  4. 4. About Hosted Solr Hosting your Solr search indexes Search as a service Integration for third-party applications Built by the guys behind EXT:solr
  5. 5. About Hosted Solr
  6. 6. Our motivation Apache Solr is the best open-source search available today Usage is easy installation and management is a pain
  7. 7. What we do for you We manage and setup your Search indexes We take care of security issues Integration for several third-party applications including TYPO3
  8. 8. How can I use Hosted Solr? Create an account on You can test our service for one month for free Creating a search index takes just one minute:
  9. 9. How can I use Hosted Solr? Integration in your application is easy We provide the needed configuration for you:
  10. 10. Our plans for the future Support more third-party applications Improve UI Your own solr schema Schema Linter World Domination :-)
  11. 11. Some Usage of EXT:solr Searching the many Pages & News TER Search Crawling the documentation (non TYPO3 Pages)
  12. 12. Some Usage of EXT:solr Sartorius Online Catalogue with over 400.000 Products ! AKAD Find the right educational course for you
  13. 13. Some Usage of EXT:solr Amsterdam School of Arts arts/ Facets use to show different faculty results Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (opcw) Nobel Prized Search :-)
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. dkd design kommunikation development Thank you.