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Outside the Box - Panel on CMS at TYPO3 Camp Mallorca


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This is the small collection of questions I have presented at the TYPO3 Camp Mallorca. No real Presentation just a collection of Ideas.

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Outside the Box - Panel on CMS at TYPO3 Camp Mallorca

  1. 1. OUTSIDE THE BOX Panel on CMS
  2. 2. The Past ● How did you create websites 20 years ago? ● Who created them? ● Which tools were used? ● Which technologies showed up? ● Did they persist? ● How the standards evolve? ● Remember the browser wars? ● What is Web 2.0 again? ● Remember the hype! ● Remember the bubble
  3. 3. The Present ● The Internet is everywhere ● it weighs only 50 g in mass (really?) ● Everyone uses it ● Do we really understand it? ● Mobile is the new Flash ● Users are more advanced than you think ● What does that mean for my current CMS? ● Should I move my Cheese? ● TYPO3 CMS vs TYPO3 Neos vs The others ● User(s) Experience (UX) Customer Chutney ● Customer Journey
  4. 4. The Future ● How will we deal with the two paradigms? ● Information as a document or a stream ● The information continuum model ● Who produces and who consumes it? ● Where will it be? ● What will it be? ● How semantic will it get? ● Can information die? ● What is the value of your Information?
  5. 5. Your Ideas?