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Royal challenge premium lager beer


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Royal challenge premium lager beer

  1. 1. Royal Challenge Premium Lager Beer Launched in the year 1993, Royal Challenge Premium Lager is the second largest selling mild beer in India. Royal Challenge is brewed with the choicest 6 malt barley. Its long brew duration provides it with a distinct, smooth taste and rich flavour. It has all the hall marks of a great beer - Color that is golden honey, taste that is smooth and crisp, lace that sticks to the wall of the glass. Royal Challenge Premium Lager is the beer for the discerning
  2. 2. who has the confidence to make their choices based on their superior taste and knowledge rather than follow the crowd. The brand has moved from strength to strength since its re- launch by SABMiller in 2004, and has set itself on a growth momentum that is well ahead of the mild beer industry. It is now become the largest selling mild beer brand in many large beer markets, including Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. Besides being available across most states in India, Royal Challenge Premium Lager is also exported to USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Hong Kong.
  3. 3. Brewed from select malts and imported hops, on a specially developed recipe by the brew masters from SABMiller, one of world’s largest brewers with over a hundred years of heritage, Royal Challenge symbolizes a perfect harmony between the high art of brewing and the assurance of modern technology. Royal Challenge Premium Lager offers a difference with an edge. Besides its international class packaging, premium image and path breaking advertising, what sets the brand apart is the long brew cycle which lends it a distinctly smooth and easy flowing taste.