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Group discussions at ODDC Nigeria workshop


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Main pointers from the group discussion at the Nigeria ODDC event.

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Group discussions at ODDC Nigeria workshop

  1. 1. Group Discussion on: Open Data Issues & Evidence from Media Analysis • If we could have it, what should be the preferred format for open data and why? - Majority preferred Excel because it can be used for further research purposes - Few preferred PDF because it cannot be tampered with • What are the anticipated overlaps or differences between Open Data and FoI practice in Nigeria? - FOI gives you the right to demand for a document that you need i.e. to say it has a legal backing while open data has no legal backing - People still ask for open data even though it is posted on the website or Internet Group discussion on: Use of The Budget of Nigeria • What would citizens like to see in the budget that will motivate them to engage more with it? - Clear indication of ongoing, completed and suspended projects to enable citizens extract information and explanation about projects that touch on their lives - • What can be done with the budget data in order to promote good governance? - Software for monitoring and evaluation should be provided - There should be a timely upload of budget information Group discussions on: Users & Re-packagers of the Online Budget Data of Nigeria • How can we source for more and better funding to act as a driving force for open data re- packaging initiatives in Nigeria? - Non-governmental stakeholders have to have a good relationship with the decision makers in government (i.e. champions within government) - There has to be a proof of concept to ask for more grant Group discussions on: Potentials to Use the Online Budget Data • How can we stimulate increased access to the online budget data by the citizens at the grassroots, and not necessarily only by the professionals? - Grassroots are more so grassroot advocacy vital – use ICT resource support for the advocacy groups , NGOs/CBOs should open information centres at grassroots levels, use of local language in bringing the grassroots on board • How best can we use the online budget to monitor government and drive transparency and accountability? - Build the capacity of the CBOs & other stakeholders to be able to interpret & speak forcefully and honestly - Expenditure should be posted online to enable citizens monitor transparencies, track the budget expenditure and as a policy brief and a performance indicator. Mobile APPS can be designed to help in this tracking (for users of mobile phones)