David Narkewicz Mayoral Candidacy Announcement 18 March 2011


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David Narkewicz Mayoral Candidacy Announcement 18 March 2011

  1. 1. David Narkewicz Press AnnouncementToday I’m proud and humbled to announce my candidacy for Mayor of thecity of Northampton.Mayor Higgins recent decision not to seek re-election after her long anddistinguished service has created an opportunity for new leadership, newenergy, and new ideas for our city.I believe deeply in public service and have been involved in it for most ofmy life. I served my country in the Air Force after high school, was a studentleader at UMass, worked as a congressional aide both in Washington andhere in Massachusetts, and have been an active community volunteerwhether serving on the Zoning Board or Transportation & ParkingCommission, or helping raise money for our schools as a long-time boardmember of the Northampton Education Foundation.During my 5 years on the City Council, I’ve strived to be a positive andproductive leader. I’ve never been afraid to tackle tough issues, whetherit’s traffic, zoning, government reform, or the budget.I’ve put forth ideas for improving our city and never shied away from thetough decisions, all while working hard to solve problems, bring peopletogether, and produce tangible results to advance the needs of ourcommunity.I believe that all of my experience in public service and government both atthe national, state, and local level and my record of accomplishments haveprepared me for this day and this new challenge.Northampton is one of the best cities in America. And one of the things thatmakes it great is our incredible spirit of community. Whether rallyingaround fellow citizens in times of tragedy or joy, raising money forimportant projects or causes, or mobilizing around important issues, thiscommunity embodies civic pride and responsibility.
  2. 2. As Mayor, I want to marshal that spirit and the incredible energy andtalents of people all across our community to find innovative ideas andcommon sense solutions and meet the challenges of the next decade.I plan to bring all members of our community to the table and foster anopen and active dialogue about what kind of city we want and how we canwork together to reach our goals.Like other cities and towns across the nation, Northampton has had tograpple with difficult economic times and ever-shrinking support from thestate and federal government. In short, we’ve had to do more with less.As Mayor, I will work to make city government as smart, lean, and efficientas possible, so we can continue to deliver high quality services in the mostcost-effective and resourceful ways possible, while also making prudent,long-term investments in critical infrastructure.As Mayor, I will continue my strong support for education and high-qualitypublic schools. We’re the proud parents of two kids who’ve gone throughthe elementary schools and are now both at JFK. I know how importantNorthampton’s schools are not only for our kids’ futures but for the overallsocial and economic strength of our community.As Mayor, I will promote economic development that both supports ourlocal businesses while attracting new entrepreneurs and new businesses toexpand our commercial tax base, create good paying jobs, and ease theresidential tax burden on city homeowners.As Mayor, I will advance Northampton’s leadership role as a greencommunity by pursuing innovative, forward-looking solutions for energyconservation, reducing and recycling our waste, developing sustainabletransportation, promoting local agriculture, and protecting ourenvironment and natural resources.
  3. 3. I want to be the next Mayor of Northampton because I believe I have theexperience, ideas, energy, and commitment to offer a new generation ofleadership to move our great city forward.Today is just the starting point. I look forward to expanding on my visionand goals as the campaign officially kicks off and moves forward into thesummer and fall. I especially look forward to getting out into theneighborhoods of Northampton, Baystate, Florence, and Leeds to listen tothe issues and concerns that are on people’s minds.In closing, I want to thank my family – my wife Yelena and our daughtersEmma and Zoe - for their constant love, for supporting my decision to run,and for their willingness to share in this journey with me.Thank you.