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Arnie Levinson Campaign Brochure - May 2011


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Arnie Levinson Campaign Brochure - May 2011

  1. 1. Would You Like to Help Arnie’s Campaign?_______________________________________________________________Name (please print clearly)_______________________________________________________________Address Ward 3 has a special elec on for its City Councilor on August 2. I’d like to introduce myself and share some of the issues that are most important______________________ _____________________________________ to me. Please visit my website at to learn more.Phone Email Address In 1973 I began my orthodon c career right here in Northampton in the Central Chambers building. I managed a busy staff in mul ple loca ons,Please indicate the ways you wish to volunteer: serving thousands of clients in the region over the course of my career. Fi een years ago my wife Marilyn and I moved to Hancock Street. We____ Contacting friends via campaign postcards or email loved the flowers around the house and being close to downtown____ Distributing literature in my neighborhood ameni es. As the years passed, however, we no ced some trends that____ Having a Levinson lawn sign at the above address concerned us, and as the leader of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Watch, I____ Holding a sign prior to election day have heard similar concerns from other residents. Now recently re red,____ Holding a sign on election day I hope to earn your vote to be a full- me City Councilor for Ward 3. Please look inside for my posi ons on important issues facing the ward.____ Making phone calls____ List my name in an endorsement ad and campaign literature lÉâËÜx |Çä|àxw4____ I have enclosed funds (payable to The Committee to Elect Arnie Levinson)Email: July 13: Deadline to Register for Special ElectionPhone: 413-570-3243 August 2: Ward 3 Special Election Come meet Arnie at these weekend luncheons, all 12noon-3pm Please return this form (and contribution if applicable) to the address below. Saturday, June 25, 134 North Street, hosted by Adam Cohen and Jendi Reiter Paid for by The Commi ee to Elect Arnie Levinson—Frank Sunday, June 26, 96 Island Road, hosted by Phillip Sullivan Werbinski, Treasurer, 351 Pleasant Street, PMB 122, Northampton, MA 01060. Learn more at Saturday, July 16, 14 Hancock Street, hosted by Arnie and Marilyn Levinson
  2. 2. MY AREAS OF FOCUS FOR WARD 3 WE SUPPORT ARNIE FOR CITY COUNCIL• Our Roadways: These con nue to deteriorate, reaching a point “I’m proud to endorse Arnie Levinson for City Council. He has the ma- where retailers tell me it’s having a nega ve impact on business. I turity and experience needed to be an effec ve advocate for residents.” will work with the Department of Public Works and ci zens to make -Michael Bardsley, Union Street, candidate for mayor effec ve road repair a priority. “Arnie has the stature and independence Ward 3 needs in its city coun-• Bridge Street School: If we are to have a vibrant downtown, we cilor. He appreciates the impact that infill could have on the ward, and need a vibrant downtown elementary school. It is a key anchor of has put in the me to follow the zoning revisions process closely. As the our community. We must keep it open. city makes decisions on development projects, schools, taxes, trails,• Sustainable Northampton Plan: I support infill when it enables indi- waste disposal and more, ordinary ci zens vidual homeowners to add a unit or two to their proper es and can trust Arnie to s ck up for them.” make be er use of exis ng structures. I have concerns when infill is of such a scale that it paves over valuable downtown greenspace, -Adam Cohen, North Street causes parking and traffic problems, and disrupts our neighbor- “What I like about Arnie is that he lis- hoods. tens, respects opinions, and si s them• The Fairgrounds: This is an important economic engine, and I want through. Arnie is a go-ge er. If you have a the redevelopment there to succeed. The process has not been problem, know that he will make every effort without problems, however. Some abu ers are rightly concerned to fix it.” about the management of stormwater on the property. -Bea Kea ng, Ward 3• The Meadows: This has been a produc ve agricultural zone since Arnie and Marilyn the earliest days of the city. It is not primarily a recrea onal area. “Arnie has a long record of success in busi- Farmers are right to be concerned about the safety of the public ness and teamwork. He has experience work- around heavy farm equipment, and to want to protect their crops ing with people of all ages, socioeconomic levels and diverse situa ons from damage by ATVs, bikes, pedestrians and dogs. among his thousands of clients. He appreciates the challenges facing our• Traffic Calming: Trucks should not be a frequent sight on narrow res- ward, and his involvement in service ac vi es has been ongoing since iden al streets, and cars need to travel at speeds that don’t put pe- his arrival.” destrians at risk. -Sydney Stern, Bridge Street• Island Road: I appreciate the value of the Marina, and I also appreci- “Arnie is a good listener, a good leader, and is dedicated to the resi- ate how traffic has impacted its neighbors. I will work hard to find a dents, and that is what we need in Ward 3.” sa sfying resolu on to the conflicts there. -Frank Werbinski, Bridge Street• Walter Salvo House and Cahill Apartments: Angela Plassmann, our former City Councilor, made a special effort to listen to and advocate “I have lived in Ward 3 for almost 40 years and I know many aspects of for the less powerful. In par cular, she was able to achieve improve- the ward. Arnie is similarly well aware of the problems and is dedicated ments for residents in the city’s Housing Authority proper es. I to not only working for the ward but also willing to represent all the res- pledge to build on this work. idents of the ward. He has my vote.” -Fred Zimnoch, Pomeroy Terrace