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Wms Profile 2011


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A major challenge of online marketing for Publishers, Ad Agencies and Advertisers is obtaining reliable metrics on their online ads and finding a reliable way to measure the ROI of online campaigns.

WMS online communication and marketing technology based on the Intelligence loaded into its Smart Box and delivered to web pages across the Globe as SBox is the cutting edge of online technology for advertising. WMS proactive chat and click to call solutions deliver that special "Personal Touch" that has been missing from the Internet and web visitors get a retail store experience online for the first time.
SAP is the perfect compliment for Publishers and Ad Agencies providing increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction for their Advertisers with no incremental cost.

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Wms Profile 2011

  1. 1. Company focus 1
  2. 2. Introduction 3Company  Profile   Products 6Our  Products   Consulting 13Our  Consulting   Solutions 16Our  Solutions   2
  3. 3. Company  Profile       IntroductionWorld  Media  Service  BV  (WMS)  has  developed  some  of  the  most  powerful  online  marketing   technology   available   today   since   it   was   formed   in   the   Netherlands   14  years   ago.   Established   in   Asia   since   2008   and   now   moving   into   the   US   market   with  its   office   in   Miami,   WMS   has   become   one   of   the   market   leaders   in   online  marketing   and   it   offers   its   exclusive   technology   to   large   Enterprise   Clients   and  Small  Entrepreneurs  alike.    The  WMS  Executive  Team  has  more  than  150  years  in  marketing  expertise  and  its  internationally   recognized   members   have   been   assisting   business   owners   to  overcome  their  challenges  for  decades.      Our   Clients   goals   may   often   include   the   desire   to   increase   their   online   sales   and  lead  generation,  to  enhance  their  brand  awareness  or,  to  increase  their  customer  satisfaction,   the   WMS   Executive   Team   has   the   experience   and   expertise   that   is  needed   to   achieve   these   goals   and   to   provide   the   best   online   solutions   for   any  business.   3
  4. 4. The  Team  _____    Hadi  Tabbaa    Hadi  Tabbaa   Is  the  founder  of  Smart  Box  technology  with  20  years  of  working  experience  accumulated  mainly  in  the  ICT  filed  particularly  and  in  developing    e-­‐commerce  and  advertising  business  strategy.    The  Smart  Box  infrastructure  enables  people  to  collaborate,  discover,  share,  visualize   and   interact   with   others   in   real   time   on   the   Internet,   mobile   and  even  on  TV  channels.      Dr.  Erik  H.P.T.  Pouwen  Lecturer   at   the   Amsterdam   &   Nijenrode   University   in   the   Netherlands.  Principal   Sales   Advisor   and   Decision   Leader   for   clients   like,   Deutsche   Bank,  eBay,   Philips   and   SNS   Bank.   Specialist   in   digital   advertising,   multichannel  campaign  management,  internet  sales  funnels  and  social  media.      Dr.  W.R.  Yusoff  Studied   at   Massachusetts   Institute   of   Technology   (MIT),   Cambridge,  Massachusetts,   USA.   Lecturer   at   the   Multimedia   University,   Cyberjaya  teaching  software  engineering  and  artificial  intelligence.      He  is  the  IT  Development  Manager  for  WMS  Media  Sdn  Bhd..     4
  5. 5. The  Team  _____   Richard  Dirksen  Tony  Genth   Has   a   broad   base   in   development,  Has   been   involved   in   the   Global   real   international   sales   and   distribution,  estate  and  leisure  industries  since  1982   account   management,   product  when  he  developed  what  was  then  the   marketing   of   ICT,   technical   software  largest  purpose  built  timeshare  project   and  telecommunication  products.  ever  undertaken  in  the  USA  (150  units)    in  Vail,  Colorado.  Tony  has  lived  and/or  worked   in   more   than   30   countries   Professor  Nicholas  H.M.  worldwide   and   he   is   recognized   as   a   Schraag  leader   in   market   innovation   Lecturer  at  the  following  Universities  in  particularly   with   regard   to   shared   Berlin,   Hamburg,   Bremen,   Frankfurt,  ownership  and  membership  programs.   Technical   University   Cheljabinsk   (Ural)     and   Twente   and   NIKOS.   Specializes   in     Cross   Cultural   Communication,   Sales  William  (Bill)  J.  Messett  III     Management   and   Internet   Buying   Behavior.  build   a   highly   successful   International  Executive   Search   Business   over   the    past   34   years,   Bill   has   Worked   on   Perry  Snyderman  Mergers  and  Acquisitions  for  Clients  in   Is   a   lifelong   veteran   of   the   Real   Estate  the  USA,  Latin  America  and,  Asia.   industry  as  an  investor  and  Manager  of,     hotels,  resorts,  apartment  buildings  and  Bill’s   activities   have   resulted   in   a   commercial   properties   throughout   the  worldwide   database   of   top-­‐level   Americas.   Perry   is   a   lawyer   by  decision   makers   who   will   take   Bill’s   call   Profession   and   still   serves   as   a   partner  at  any  time.   in  DLA  Piper  the  largest  law  firm  in  the     world.             5
  7. 7. Internet  TV_____ WMS   provides   a   robust,   all-­‐in-­‐one   Online   TV   &   Video   Platform   with   live   streaming   video   and   On-­‐Demand   video   capabilities.   Our   browser-­‐based   online   video   &   TV   solution   includes   hardware   or   software   encoder,   content   management,   publishing   and   advertising   modules.   Smart   Box   TV   enables   organizations   of   all   sizes   to   easily   create,   manage,   distribute   and   monetize   24/7  Live  TV  or  video  and  on-­‐demand  video.     WMS   provides   a   robust,   all-­‐in-­‐one   Online  TV  &  Video  Platform  with  live   streaming   video   and   On-­‐Demand   video  capabilities.       Our   browser-­‐based   online   video   &   TV   solution   includes   hardware   or   software   encoder,   content   management,   publishing   and   advertising  modules.     Smart   Box   TV   enables   organizations   of   all   sizes   to   easily   create,   manage,   distribute   and   monetize   24/7   Live   TV   or  video  and  on-­‐demand  video.     7
  8. 8. Online  Training  System__ Ad  Platform  (SAP)_____ Provides   the   most   cost   effective   and   easy   to   use   Online   Training   System   on   the  market  today.     The   Smart   Box   technology   empowers   Trainers   and   Students   to   meet   live   online   so   that   they   can   do   more   and,   travel   less.   Trainers   can   monitor   students  when  they  are  studying  any  content,  select  them  and  then  chat  with   them,  at  any  time.         Whether   its   Online   Training,   Seminars,   Conferences,   Goal   Setting   sessions   or   Multimedia   sales   presentations   you   can   trust   Smart   Box   to   provide   you   with   an   efficient,   cost   effective,   flexible   and   easy   to  use  Online  Training  System.       Smart  Box  Video  Library   Is  a  robust,  all  in  one  Online  TV  and  Video   Platform  providing  live  streaming  and  On   Demand  Video  capabilities.   8
  9. 9. SAP   is   the   perfect   complement   for  Publishers   and   Ad   Agencies   providing  increased   revenue   and   greater  customer   satisfaction   for   their  Advertisers  with  no  incremental  cost.    WMS   is   serving   the   online   marketing  needs   of   advertisers   across   the   globe  with  unique,  innovative  and  proprietary  interactive   solutions   that   essentially  provide   any   advertiser   with   the  opportunity   to   convert   their   online  presence  into  the  equivalent  of  a  retail  store  or  branch  office.   SBOX   AD   PLATFORM   IS   THE   IDEAL   REVENUE   ENGINE   FOR   PUBLISHERS   PROVIDING   THEM   WITH   THE   ABILITY   TO   OFFER   THEIR   ADVERTISERS   AND   AGENCIES   NEW   ADVERTISING   OPTIONS   AND  NEW  REVENUE  STREAMS.   9
  10. 10. Proactive  Chat  ____ Click  To  Call_  ___Text  and  Audio  &  Video  Chat  under  its  SBox  (Smart  Box)  brand.  SBox  is  a  box  that  comes  in  a  variety  of  sizes  and  can  be  placed  on  any  web  page.      Inside  each  SBox  is  a  banner  or  a  video  and  every  SBox  is  fully  equipped  with  email,  chat  and  click  to  call  technology.      Not   only   can   online   viewers   request   a   Chat   at   any   time   but   website   owners  can  see  every  visitor  to  their  site,  know  where  they  are  from  and  what  they  are  looking  at.  Then  they  can  invite  them  to  chat  proactively  at  any  time. 10
  11. 11. Click   To   Call   also   under   the   SBOX   brand  allowing   online   viewers   the   convenience  and   ease   of   requesting   a   free   call.   It   is  well   documented   that   consumers  generally   are   dissatisfied   with   toll   free  numbers  that  require  them  to  go  through  several  menus  of  prompts  and  then  most  often   get   the   message   that,   “Your   call   is  very  important  to  us  but  we  are  busy  now  so   please   wait”.   Click   To   Call   puts   the  control   of   the   communication   back   into  the   hands   of   the   Customer,   where   it  belongs. WMS/Infobip  Power  Our  Clients  Mobile  World   Additional  Products  offered:   Loyalty  programs  structured  around  travel  and  vacations  designed  to  help   companies  to  retain  their  best  customers  and  attract  new  customers.   Incentive   programs   consisting   of   Corporate   Incentive   Vouchers   and   Discount   books   that   offer   travel,   food   and   beverage,   spa   and   other   benefits,  that  represent  extraordinary  value. 11
  12. 12. SMS  Marketing  ___With   mobile   messaging   you   can   replace   costly   customer   communication,  introduce   a   new   way   of   building   customer   loyalty   and   transform   the   way   your  clients  experience  and  interact  with  your  business.    WMS   SMS   SERVICES   ARE   PROVIDED   IN   PARTNERSHIP   WITH  OUR  SISTER  COMPANY  INFOBIP  AND  DEVELOPED  SMS  4  TALK.  SMS  4  talk  is  an  innovation  that  allows  interested  SMS  recipients  to  receive  a  live  call   as   soon   as   they   accept   any   offer.   SMS   To   Call   has   been   shown   to   have   a  much  higher  conversion  rate  than  pure  SMS  messaging.   12
  13. 13.  Our  Consulting       ConsultingWMS   International   Consulting   is   another   division   of   WMS   Media   Sdn   Bhd  (formed   in   2008)   and   is   a   Sister   company   to   Leisure   Marketing   Group   LLC  (LMG)   of   Colorado   and   Illinois.   LMG   was   formed   in   1992   by   Tony   Genth   and  Perry  Snyderman  and  it  has  provided  its  Consulting  services  to  over  90  clients  in  more  than  30  countries  over  the  past  20  years.   13
  14. 14. In   2010   a   new   Senior   Consultant,   Leslie   DaCruz   joined   the   WMS   team.   Leslie’s  background   spans   Media   /   Entertainment   •   Consumer   Products   and   Services   •  Education  and  eLearning  and  he  has  worked  for  and/or    provided  services  to  the  likes  of  Disney  (10  years  as  Senior  Executive),  Hasbro,  PepsiCo,  Mars  &  Company,  Laureate  Education,  USC,  Dotcoms  and  others.     Some  of  Leslie’s  accomplishments  include:   Increasing   Disney’s   Latin   America   Consumer   Products   division   20-­‐fold   during  a  10-­‐year  period  from  $35  million   to  over  $750  million  in  wholesale   revenues Doubling  a  Disney  Consumer  Products  Brazil   business   to   over   $250   million   in   sales   in   only   two  years   Developing   and   implementing   new   marketing   and   branding   strategies   for   Laureate   Education,   a   leading   online   University,   resulting   in   a   40%   revenue   growth  to  over  $100  million  a  year.   14
  15. 15. WMS   International   Consulting   brings   Deal  Making   WMS   has   connections   throughout   the   together   a   unique   combination   of   talents,  nationalities  and  expertise  and   business   world   globally   and   is   in   tune   two  of  its  greatest  strengths  are:   with   the   “pulse”   of   the   international   real   estate   and   financial   markets.   WMS   International  Marketing   stays   ahead   of   its   competitors   by   using   The   ability   to   develop   strategies   that   its   network   of   connections   combined   are   innovative   and   highly   targeted   with   its   vast   global   experience   to   toward   the   ideal   market   for   each   provide  its  Clients  with     product  from  Luxury  Properties  to  Five   the  right  solution  for     Star   Hotels   to   Marinas,   to   developing    and     Entertainment  Parks  to  Timeshare  to  a   marketing  products     wide   array   of   Leisure   based   products,   that  will  be  acceptable     across  the  Globe.   under  actual  market     A   reputation   for   innovation   of   new   conditions.    This   products,   new   financial   strategies   and   expertise  involves     instruments   as   well   as   for   turning   matching  the  right     around  troubled  assets.   parties  and  financiers   The   ability   to   provide   turnkey   at  the  right  time  to   operations   from   planning   to   create  lasting  and     development  to  design  to  construction   profitable  partnerships   to   marketing   and   sales   including   such   that  endure  for  the     essential   skills   as   employee   and   long  term.   executive  recruitment  and  training.      WMS  is  well  experienced  in  seeing  undiscovered  opportunities  and    using   its   connections   and   expertise   to   develop   such   opportunities   from   the   USA   to  Croatia,  from  Canada  to  Malaysia  and  from  Mexico  to  China.   15
  16. 16.  Our  Solutions     SolutionsProactive  Text  Chat  SMS  4  talk  Proactive  Audio  &  Video  Chat  Voice  over  SMS  Click  to  Call  Loyalty  Programs  Email/Survey/Lead  Form  Digital  Incentives  Online  Television  Channels  E-­‐Training  Video  and  TV  campaigns  with  pre  and  mid  roll  ads  Exclusive  Group  banner  ads  for  Publishers   16
  17. 17.  (Malaysia)   WMS  Media  Sdn  Bhd  (838511-­‐D)   Unit  C-­‐2-­‐01,  SME  Technopreneur  Center   Cyberjaya,  2270  Jalan  Usahawan  2,  63000  Cyberjaya,   Malaysia.     (The  Netherlands)   World  Media  Service  BV   Mediapark  Hilversum   The  Netherlands   1217  GP    Hilversum       Tel:  +31857853516   17