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Writing Slack Bots in JavaScript


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How to write your own Slack Chatbots in Javascript

Through conversational experiences people can interact with applications easier than ever before. For developers this means they have to understand how to build these natural user interfaces in addition to browser interfaces and mobile apps. In this session we will demonstrate live how to develop a chatbot for Slack. Via Node.js and the open source project botkit we’ll connect to Slack’s websocket API. In order to define the conversation flow we’ll leverage intents, entities and dialogs from IBM Watson’s Conversation service.

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Writing Slack Bots in JavaScript

  1. 1. codemotion Berlin October 2017 How to write your own Slack ChatBots in JavaScript Ansgar Schmidt IBM, Developer Advocate @ansi Niklas Heidloff IBM, Developer Advocate @nheidloff
  2. 2. @ansi @nheidloff Sample Bot
  3. 3. @ansi @nheidloff Architecture User Slack Slack Your Bot Code External Data Source API IBM Watson Botkit Watson Admin
  4. 4. @ansi @nheidloff Slack APIs and Programming Model
  5. 5. @ansi @nheidloff Slack Configuration
  6. 6. @ansi @nheidloff Slack Configuration
  7. 7. @ansi @nheidloff Slack Configuration
  8. 8. @ansi @nheidloff Slack Configuration
  9. 9. Slack Configuration
  10. 10. @ansi @nheidloff Slack Configuration
  11. 11. Node.js open source framework Support of various messaging platforms Support of various NLP services @ansi @nheidloff Botkit
  12. 12. @ansi @nheidloff Botkit – Configuration
  13. 13. @ansi @nheidloff Botkit – Real Time Messaging
  14. 14. @ansi @nheidloff Botkit – Adding Bots
  15. 15. Botkit – Replies and Conversations
  16. 16. @ansi @nheidloff Watson Conversation
  17. 17. @ansi @nheidloff Watson
  18. 18. Watson
  19. 19. @ansi @nheidloff Watson
  20. 20. @ansi @nheidloff Message Builder
  21. 21. @ansi @nheidloff Watson
  22. 22. @ansi @nheidloff Watson Botkit Middleware
  23. 23. @ansi @nheidloff Watson Botkit Middleware
  24. 24. @ansi @nheidloff Watson Responses
  25. 25. Lookup Weather
  26. 26. @ansi @nheidloff New Intent: Get Time
  27. 27. @ansi @nheidloff Dialog
  28. 28. @ansi @nheidloff Get Time Code
  29. 29. Bluemix Trial: Botkit: Sample: Watson Conversation: @ansi @nheidloff Q & A and Resources