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ProductivitFree Taskinator


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ProductivitFree Taskinator

  1. 1. ProductivitFREE Your one-stop how-to shop for FREE online programs that increase your productivity! Becoming the Taskinator Presented by
  2. 2. 5 Reasons You Should Listen to Me 1. I'm cheap and crazy. I actually enjoy going out and finding the best free programs on the planet that actually do useful things that help me--and then you--work more efficiently. 2. I've been doing this since I was 13. I'm over 30. That's a long damn time. 3. I make you money. I save you tons of time and research, and, as we all know, time is money. Let's face it, the math is simple: I do all the research, I tell you what I find and make recommendations and then give you how-tos. It's what I like to call a no-brainer. 4. You've got better things to do than to waste your time doing something that a program can do quickly. Let me waste my time researching it for you. It makes me happy. 5. Speaking of which, if you're happy, and I'm happy, well then it sounds to me that if you listen to me, we make the world a better place. I like it.
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page 4: Becoming the Taskinator Page 6: Get a Gmail account Page 8: Add Google labs Page 12: Create Task Calendar Page 14: Play with new calendar Page 15: Tips & Tricks
  4. 4. BECOMING THE TASKINATOR HELP! I have so many tasks and I can’t keep track of all the things I'm supposed to do.
  5. 5. <insert trumpet sound here> BRRBRBERBRRRR! Fear NOT! Getting a handle on those tasks is simple. Here’s how to do it in 8 easy steps
  6. 6. Get a Gmail account. It’s free. if you don’t already have one.
  7. 7. Go to your Gmail account. Under Settings, click on the Labs tab.
  8. 8. Enable these 2 labs: Google Calendar gadget Navbar drag and drop
  9. 9. Click the Save Changes button w a a a y down at the bottom of the page.
  10. 10. In the upper left-hand corner of the Gmail window, click on Calendar.
  11. 11. In the column on the left-hand side of the calendar, under the My Calendar heading, click Add.
  12. 12. Google calendar allows you to essentially create a calendar of calendars for anything you can think of (for example, I don’t celebrate my hubby’s birth day, I celebrate his birth month so I created one calendar dedicated to all of the celebratory events and hide it from my hubby so that I can surprise him. It works most of the time :) ), and show and hide each calendar at your leisure. This is the only piece of information that you need to give Google on this page. Now you are going to create a task calendar. Start by giving your new calendar a name like Joe’s Tasks.
  13. 13. If you want to, fill in the rest of the information that Google asks for, then click Create Calendar.
  14. 14. DONE! From here on out, you will probably spend more time playing with your new calendar than you will have spent setting it up! Here are my favorite tips and tricks:
  15. 15. TIPS & TRICKS To add a new Task, click Create Event. Add your details, any recurrences and reminders. Those reminders are the best! You can have as many reminders as you would like and they can be sent to your inbox, as a pop up in your browser, and even to your cell phone (SMS)! To set up Google Calendar to send reminders to your cell phone, click on Settings>Calendar Settings>Mobile Setup and follow the SUPER easy instructions!
  16. 16. TIPS & TRICKS Are you wondering yet why we did Step 3? Here’s the answer: the beauty of using Google Calendar in conjunction with Gmail is that your Google Calendar is visible in your Gmail, so that your tasks are always available to you and easy to access! You can even create events from emails! Before you return back to your Gmail window, add a test task. Now, go back to your Gmail account, refresh the page (hit the Refresh button or press F5 on your keyboard), scroll down a bit and you should see that shiny new task in your calendar! Hooray for you!
  17. 17. TIPS & TRICKS If you don’t like to scroll down to view your calendar, you can move it anywhere along that left hand side. All you have to do is grab the light blue header and drag it up (I like it above my Inbox details, personally). TaDa! To create an event from an email you receive, open the email, click the More Actions button and then select Create Event! (Do NOT click create Task). Wanna test out your new toy? Send an email to nicolevjallen+createevent to test your Create Event feature!
  18. 18. © 2010 by Nicole VJ Allen of Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 3.0. Special thanks to Glenn Kiddell and Clare Matthews of and in turn their inspiration: Seth Godin: David Meerman Scott: