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Google Earth 16th March 2009


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Some screenshots showing the ArchivalWare Google earth integration

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Google Earth 16th March 2009

  1. 1. Records created in ArchivalWare with longitude and  latitude in metadata Search ArchivalWare and then view the object from  ArchivalWare in Google Earth Single screen displays with data from ArchivalWare  integrated within Google Earth display
  2. 2. Click this icon to see objects in context in Google Earth – based on their longitude and latitude stored in the ArchivalWare metadata
  3. 3. Brief listing from ArchivalWare Balloon locating record from ArchivalWare in Google Earth
  4. 4. Click on balloon to drill down
  5. 5. Click on specific balloon to see matching record in ArchivalWare
  6. 6. Double click on specific balloon to zoom in with Google Earth
  7. 7. Full screen view
  8. 8. Navigate and zoom in or out
  9. 9. Click through to Google Earth
  10. 10. Double click on balloon to zoom in
  11. 11. Play the video
  12. 12. Invoke further GE options
  13. 13. Exploring Venice – click to expand
  14. 14. This demonstration is best seen live!  Please contact Nick Dimant at PTFS Europe for  more information