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New Employees

  1. 1. Club Tech 2009 New Employee Proposal
  2. 2. Club Tech 2009 Who We are Nicolas Atwood Skilltech Club Tech- entrepeneur Web development Ryan Dunning Skilltech Club Tech- Stock Market Advanced Operating systems Ramesh Sristava Skilltech Club Tech- Record Label Music Tech Orion Breen Skilltech Club Tech- Film Fest Film Technology & Web Video Coding
  3. 3. Where We Are in Austin Where We Are in Austin Nicolas Bedichek Mendez South Overton Southwest Key Ryan Burnet Sims Webb Oak Springs Harris Ramesh East Garcia Lanier LBJ Pearce Orion ARS Reagan Lanier Bedichek LBJ
  4. 4. Ramesh Srivastava As a seasoned Austin based musician, Srivastava offers Music Tech, a must have youth program in Austin, TX. Ramesh has DJ equipment, guitars, microphones, Macbook Pro and professional editing software
  5. 5. Orion Breen Orion Breen is a USC Film School Graduate with 10 years in the film industry. He has industry experience from his hometown in Maine as a writer, director and producer of Bangor Metro TV. Breen offers Club Tech- Film Fest, has professional film equipment, and video coding for the web exp.
  6. 6. Club Tech 2009 What To Expect Higher Club Attendance Engaging Programs For Teens Club Tech Available All Schools
  7. 7. The Club Tech Plan Nic will observe Ryan, Ramesh and Orion once bi-Monthly at their Clubs to ensure quality and to assist the different programs. Nic will train Ramm at Mendez, Nolan at South, and Jessica at Southwest Key to teach Club Tech at Their Clubs twice a month.
  8. 8. What This Means For Our Members Extremely High Quality and engaging programming Scholarship Opportunities Through Digital Arts Festivals & Local Competition Education Providing an Edge In Austin’s Film & Music Industry. Internships & Jobs Create Their Own Music & Film. Creative opportunities
  9. 9. Club Tech 2009 New Employee Proposal Technology Teacher Candidates: Ramesh Srivastava Orion Breen Club Tech will benefit, be more effective and reach more Club Members. An expanding Club Tech will attract new members as well. The Music and Film industry is booming in Austin and two highly-qualified and experienced Club Tech Teachers will enrich Club Tech in the Austin Area and evolve into a nationally recognized program. Teens will have scholarship opportunities and learn a useful and high-paying Trade. Both candidates own and are willing to use their own equipment. Both candidates equipment are professional grade and extremely expensive to rent and obviously very expensive to purchase. This equipment will open new doors for Members and give them opportunities they may never have. $13.25/hr Wage + $1.75/hr Equip Usage $15.00/Hr 25 Hours a week
  10. 10. Club Tech 2009 Orion ARS Reagan Lanier Bedichek LBJ Nicolas Bedichek Mendez South Overton Southwest Key Ramesh East Garcia Lanier LBJ Pearce Ryan Burnet Sims Webb Oak Springs Harris Technology Teachers are observed twice a month and trained program staff facilitate Club Tech twice monthly