To whom is the custody of children ordered


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To whom is the custody of children ordered

  1. 1. To Whom Isthe Custodyof ChildrenOrdered?
  2. 2. The children sufferfrom too manyproblems as a result ofdivorce that leads tothe separation of theandtwo parentsbreaking the familydown. Each one of theparents moves to live inanother place or homeand the children are theonly ones to live anunstable life,to be inloss, tolive inviolenceand toswingbetweenthe twoparentswho arealwaysquarreling
  3. 3. use their children astwo parentsTheweapons to fight and force each otherto respond to specific demands andthey begin to ask for custody ofchildren.
  4. 4. The two parents usetheir children asweapons to fight andforce each other torespond to specificdemands and they begincustody ofto ask forchildren
  5. 5. It will be hardandunbearable fortothe childrenaccept such asituation, tolive with onlyone parentaway from theother one, tolive with onlyhalf a family
  6. 6. isThe custodyordered by thecourt to one of theparents todetermine hisherresponsibilities andAfter divorce, parentsresort to the court askingfor having custody of theirchildren to organize theirchildren’s life.
  7. 7. Such a proceduredeprives the otherparent whether it isthe father or themother of hisherand makeschildrenit more restricted forone of the parents toenjoy seeing thechildrenat anytime andforce himher tospend a limitedperiod of timewith the childrenand it may alsospecify the place inwhich the parentand the childrencan meet
  8. 8. What are the major types ofcustody?There are two major types forcustody::. The sole custody1It means that onlyone of the parents isgiven all the rightsand responsibilitiesof the childrenwithout sharingthem with the otherparent
  9. 9. The joint.2:custodyIt means that the two parents share the rights and responsibilities oftheir children without being limited to only one. The parents mayhave the right of having their children live with them in their homesand it may be limited to only one parent.
  10. 10. Ordering custodyby the court is basedon several criteria.These criteria differfrom one country toanother accordingto its laws andreligion, howeverthere are generaland basic criteria onwhich determiningcustody is based.To whom is the custodyof children ordered?
  11. 11. The court tries to ensure the best life for theof the children tothe custodychildren. It ordersthe parent who can provide them with theneeded care, safety, protection, a stable life and a good place to live in,who has a better and strong relation withthe children, who is capable enough ofdeciding their
  12. 12. who has the abilityto be responsiblefor them and whocan satisfyphysical, psychological oremotional. Theparent who hasthe custodyshould not beviolentall of their needsand requirementswhether they aremedical, educational,