The New Idea


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This presentation is about Foundamental information of technology (FIT) I hope you can have some lack of information from this presentation

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The New Idea

  1. 1. GROUP NAME: THE NEW IDEAGroup members: Abdurakhmon Kamalov ID number: B1101254 Mohigul Tilovova ID number: B1101492 Nemat Khodjaev ID number: B1101354
  2. 2. OUTLINEIntroduction • Megacinema overview • E-ticket booking • Obtaining e-ticket via kiosk machine • Obtaining e-ticket at home • Software • Connection system Body • Power supply • Security system • Electron payment system • Entrance system to the cinema • Backup strategy • SummeryConclusion • Limitationi
  4. 4. OBTAINING E-TICKET VIA KIOSK MACHINEKiosk machine helps us to get ticket anytime and anywherearound the city.We intended to locate kiosk machine near the mega cinemaand stations of metro and bus.The kiosk model is KMY8203A which we chosefor mega cinema.
  5. 5. GETTING E-TICKET AT HOMEYou can print out ticket at home.You need to do it only:• Hardware: PC computer Printer (all kinds of)• Software: Internet provider PDF document (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  6. 6. SOFTWAREAll computers of the Mega Cinema provide withWindows 7 which is placed in server apartment. Also,on server there will be provided important programs:• MS SQL database, it will be stored data of Mega Cinema such as, report of sales, information about booking ticket, video files, etc.• Opera Black• Adobe Acrobat Reader- PDF document reader. It is important to read ticket.
  8. 8. POWER SUPPLY• To begin with, our country is sunny during the whole year.Therefore we chose solar battery system in order to provide with countless power. Power supply device is The Solar Battery Charger "AA". This equipment is placed on the roof of Mega Planet.• The Solar Battery collects power during the three hours which is enough a day. Even, it can takes energy in spite of cloudily whether. Moreover, it has many advantages such as, saving money, stable supplying system of energy.
  9. 9. SECURITY SYSTEMAccording to criminal activity andpeople security we put high qualitycameras "dummy" will be used andplaced in enterance, cinema hall andall rooms of staff. Norton Symantec is one of the best antivirus and internet security software.
  10. 10. ENTERENCE SYSTEM• Tripod-Turnstiles are placed to entrance system of Mega Cinema. It controls stable system of entrance. E-ticket turnstile is electronic device which may be configured to allow entry to the cinema. There is code reader when it registries your ticket code then, you can enter the cinema.• This system can reduce employees and process of entrance will be faster going on. In addition, it loses misunderstanding about ticket.
  11. 11. BACKUP STRATEGY• Our backup Oracle Access Maneger is shared solution.In addition, continuous information protection.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION• According to our report, all activity such as, booking and reserving ticket become easy. With the help of our e-ticketing system customers will be able to receive their tickets without any long waiting. It is simple because, customers only log on and select movie which they like then print out ticket moreover, they can take it via kiosk. In addition, it helps staff of Mega Cinema. The New Idea group used suitable IT devices, software, and hardware and security system in order to reach our aim which was to improve the profit of Mega Cinema. The information gathered from various resources was beneficial for the recommendations of using high quality devices so as to advance the service. There are helpful recommendations for saving time, money and energy as well as conveniences for customers in our report.
  13. 13. REFERENCE• HP Media Smart Server EX470/EX475. Available at:••• Kiosk KMY8203A. Available at:••• Picture of internet. Available at:••• Ticket printer Datamax ST-3210/3306. Available at:•• Norton Antivirus and Internet Security, and Symantec business software.Available at:•• “Dummy “security camera. Available at:•,-Dome-Shape,-1-Red-Flashing- Light•• The Solar Battery Charger" A". Available at:••• Oracle Access Manager for backup strategy. Available at:••• Picture of e-ticket.Available at:•• Tripod-Turnstile. Available at:••• Website about e-ticket. Available at:•