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The "Get Me The F*ck Away from These People" Guide to SXSW


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Hi. My name is Neal Stewart. I used to live in Austin and I’ve had the pleasure of going to SXSW 10 out of the last 11 years. I love good parties as much as the next guy, but if you’re anything like me, you believe in two things:

1. You sure as shit don’t wait in line for a party.
2. There comes a time at every convention when you just need to get the fuck away from anyone wearing a lanyard.

Here is my guide on how to do that at SXSWi this year. I’ll offer a variety of place to eat and drink that will get you away from the conventioneers to varying degree. I’m not making any claims that these places are 100% conference proof, but they will reduce your conference quotient.

Follow me on Twitter (@nealstewart) and maybe we can drink a beer together at one of these places as we get away from the SXSWi shit show.

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  • Really great guide...I wish I would have found something like this a couple of years ago before my first time at SXSW...I'll second The Belmont...found it by accident two years ago and it's a good place to get a drink without the big crowds.
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