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  1. 1. Name:_______________ October 9-11, 2013 Mrs. Neal MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY TOTAL Reading Founder’s Day No School! Teacher Workday Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- Minutes Read:_____ Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- Logs Due Tomorrow! Minutes Read:_____ Total Weekday and Weekend Minutes ______ ______ INITIALS Math Home Links: 3-1 Practice Addition Facts Home Links: 3-2 Practice Addition Facts English Wordly Wise Wordly Wise Lesson #3 Parts A & B (circle answers only) Wordly Wise Lesson #3 Parts C & D (circle answers only) Spanish Check Spanish blog for this week’s assignment(s) Is your Log signed above?  Other REMINDERS: October 15- Field Trip to MOTE Marine October 31- Halloween Parade (Wear your costume to school) Nov 1 and 4- Parent Teacher conferencesExtra Last Weekend’s Reading (Fri-Tue) ________minutes