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Memos and Letters

Business communication portfolio containing various different letters and memorandums

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Memos and Letters

  1. 1. Memorandum To: All colleagues and friends From: Natasha Maqbool Date: 17th March 2013 Subject: Mr. Malik’s retirement party. As you all are aware that Mr. Malik has been working for our company for more than 30 years. He has not only been an outstanding Marketing Analyst but also writes meticulously, adding humor in our employee newsletter and making it interesting to read. After his dedicated service to the company, he is retiring. And to honour him after all his years of faithful service, we are celebrating his retirement. The reception will take place on 30 th March 2013 from 3pm to 4.30pm in the Conference Hall B. The dress code for the event is formal. Spouses are also welcomed. We would like to present him with a small gift at the reception that would remind him of us and his dedicated service to our company. Hence, on behalf of the Finance Committee of NorCorp, I request each of you to kindly donate Rs.800 per person so that we can get a present for Mr. Malik and prepare the arrangements for the reception. I look forward to see you all at the reception to give a tribute to this fine individual and make it a memorable one.