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Stage fright

Stage Fright is very common phenomenon. Every one of us faces this. In this slide some strategies are described on which you can act to reduce your fear while delivering a speech.

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Stage fright

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES OVERVIEW Define stage fright Identify the symptoms of stage fright Describe the visualization strategies Tell the strategies in advance of program Discuss the strategies just before the program Talk over the strategies when the program begins Explain on-camera techniques Explain skills and attitude to conquer stage fright PUNJABIANS
  3. 3. WHT IS STAGE FRIGHT? Stage fright is a feeling of fear or nervousness that some people have just when they appear in front of the audience. PUNJABIANS
  4. 4. SYMPTOMS OF STAGE FRIGHT You are suffering from stage fright if you have Dry mouth Tight throat Sweaty hands Cold hands Give me a hand Nausea Shaky hands (Oops, I couldnt Fast pulse (Sickness) resist) Shaky knees Trembling lips PUNJABIANS
  6. 6. VISUALISATION STRATEGIES • Concentrate on how good you are. • Pretend you are just chatting with a group of friends. • Close your eyes and imagine the audience listening, laughing, and applauding • Remember happy moments from your past. • Think about your love for and desire to help the audience. PUNJABIANS
  7. 7. STRATEGIES IN ADVANCE OF PROGRAM • Even if you do not like the topic, develop an interest in it. • Be extremely well-prepared. • Anticipate hard and easy question. • Organize. • Memorize your opening statement. • Practice. PUNJABIANS
  8. 8. STRATEGIES JUST BEFORE THE PRESENTATION • Be in the room at least an hour early, if possible, to triple check everything. • Concentrate on searching for current and immediate things that are happening at the event that you can mention during your speech (especially in the opening). • Get into conversation with people near you. • Look at your notes. • Take a quick walk. • Concentrate on the ideas. • Concentrate on your audience. • Hide speaking notes around the stage area so you know you have a backup if you happen to draw a blank. • Shake hands and smile with attendees before the program. • Double-check your A/V equipment • Say something to someone to make sure your voice is ready to go. • Go somewhere private and warm up your voice, muscles, etc. • Go to a mirror and check out how you look. • Breathe deeply, evenly, and slowly for several minutes. PUNJABIANS
  9. 9. STRATEGIES WHEN THE PRESENTATION BEGINS • If your legs are trembling lean on a lectern/table of shift your legs or move about. • Dont hold notes. • Use eye contact. • Look at the friendliest faces in the audience. • Do not comment on your nervousness. PUNJABIANS
  10. 10. ON-CAMERA TECHNIQUES • If your presentation is being videotaped before a live audience, ignore the camera. Likewise, if you are being interviewed before a camera, the viewer expects to see you communicating with your ‘live’ audience or interviewer. • If you are interviewed by a television reporter, keep your comments short and to the point. • If you must face a hostile interview on-camera, avoid the appearance of surprise. The only preparation is to expect an opening question that is hostile, direct, admissions, or explanations. PUNJABIANS
  11. 11. SKILLS AND ATTITUDE TO CONQUER STAGE FIRGHT • To unlearn the unwanted physical reactions associated with stage fright, you must practice performance before an audience. • Mold your attitude around all your successes. Remember what success feels like, what it looks like. • Even when you perform in a less than stellar fashion, remember the parts you did that were outstanding. • Replace negative attitudes with positive ones. A positive attitude will lead you to seek any help you may need to improve. A negative attitude shackles your personal and professional life. • Decide beforehand that it will be a fun experience. PUNJABIANS

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Stage Fright is very common phenomenon. Every one of us faces this. In this slide some strategies are described on which you can act to reduce your fear while delivering a speech.


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