The secrets of old age


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The secrets of old age

  1. 1. The Secrets of Old Age
  2. 2. Before middle age –Do not fear!
  3. 3. After middle age – Do not regret!
  4. 4. Enjoy Your Life While You Can
  5. 5. Do not wait till youcannot even walk justto be sorry and toregret.
  6. 6. As long as it is physicallypossible, visit places youwish to visit.
  7. 7. When there is anopportunity, get togetherwith old classmates, oldcolleagues & old friends
  8. 8. The gathering is not just abouteating; it’s just that there is notmuch time left.
  9. 9. Money kept in the banksmay not be really yours.
  10. 10. When it is time to spend,just spend, treat yourselfwell as you’re getting old.
  11. 11. Whatever you feel like eating,just eat! It is most importantto be happy.
  12. 12. Food which are goodfor health – eatoften and morebut that is noteverything.
  13. 13. Things which are not good forhealth – eat less once in awhile but do not abstain fromthem totally
  14. 14. Treat sicknesswith optimism.Whether you arepoor or rich,
  15. 15. Do not be afraid or worriedwhen you are sick.
  16. 16. everyone has to go through thebirth, aging, sickness and death.There is no exception, that’s life.
  17. 17. Settle all the outstanding issuesbefore hand and you will be able toleave without regret.
  18. 18. Let the doctors handle yourbody, God handle your life,but be in charge of yourown moods.
  19. 19. If worries can cureyour sickness, thengo ahead and worry.
  20. 20. If worries can prolong your life,then go ahead and worry.
  21. 21. If worries can exchange forhappiness, then go aheadand worry.
  22. 22. Our kids will make their own fortune.
  23. 23. Your old body – pay moreattention to health, you canonly rely on yourself in this.
  24. 24. Your old companion –treasure every moment withyour other half, one of youwill leave first.
  25. 25. Retirement funds – moneythat you have earned, it isbest to keep them yourself.
  26. 26. Your old friends – seize every opportunities to meet upwith your friends, Such opportunities will become rareas time goes by.
  27. 27. Everyday you MUST smile and laugh
  28. 28. Running water does notflow back. So is life, makeit happy!
  29. 29. Cry lounder if you want to cry.
  30. 30. Life ends; when youstop Dreaming,
  31. 31. Hope ends;when you stopBelieving,
  32. 32. Love ends; whenyou stop Caring,
  33. 33. And Friendship ends;when you stopSharing.
  34. 34. Best wishes for allour old folks……