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Wisdom from a cup of tea


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Wisdom from a cup of tea
From forward mail

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Wisdom from a cup of tea

  1. 1. In ancient Japan, when a new studentseeks admission to study at amonastery, he is required to have anaudience with the master, a sort of pre-entrance interview if you will.
  2. 2. One day, an intelligent studentappeared before the master for such asession.As they sat together, the young manstarted to impress the master with hisknowledge and accomplishments.
  3. 3. When the master offered tea to him, hecontinued speaking withoutacknowledging the master; soabsorbed was he in his owncleverness.All of a sudden, he jumped up,reacting to the hot tea flooding overthe tabletop and dripping onto hislegs.
  4. 4. “Master!” he shouted. “The cup isoverflowing!”The Master continued pouring the tea,spilling it on to the floor. Then hereplied, “So are you. Please come backwhen you are empty and in need of myteaching.”
  5. 5. Keep your mind humble and open tonew ideas.You’ll learn much more in the process,and continue to develop as a humanbeing.
  6. 6. Think of your brain as the cup in thestory.If you fill it up with your ego, you’llnever get more knowledge in.
  7. 7. As Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’sonce said, “When you are green, youwill grow; but when you ripen, you willrot and fall.”