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  1. 1. Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD) Overview EDD formed in 1969 Population Served: 81,279 (About 11 people per square mile) 5 counties, 4 tribes, 3 climate zones, 2 states, 1 national scenic area …. In support of thriving regional economies
  2. 2. Broadening Economic Development Unique Industry Focus Areas: High Tech, including unmanned vehicles Fermentation Cluster and Value Added Food Processing New Forms of Support Agora Investment Platform
  3. 3. High Tech/Unmanned Vehicles Unmanned Vehicles Wide range of applications: Fishing, scientific research, exploration, search and rescue, ag Base in the region, along with the supply chain Starting out: “two men in a garage”
  4. 4. MCEDD Support: Gorge Tech Alliance Nonprofit staffed by MCEDD Over 100 member businesses who use, deliver or support tech Represents about 2,500 employees Activities: Geek Lunch member spotlights featured events
  5. 5. Robotics: gorgerobotics.org FLL Robotics Tournaments Trainings for teachers and youth Google Support
  6. 6. Fermentation Cluster Fermentation Cluster Components Winegrowers Association: Designated AVA. Climate gives us a“World of Wine in 40 miles” Cider Chamber Breweries and Distilleries
  7. 7. MCEDD support Revolving Loan Funds EDA investments: Infrastructure, Clusters Enterprise Zone (state/local incentive), Urban Renewal Staffing for nonprofit industry associations Business Roundtables. Community College/Higher Education connections Example: Abide Distillery
  8. 8. Agora Investment Platform The Platform… Establishes a framework to organize investments. Creates a bridge between funders and communities Promotes collaboration between capital sources Linking Communities and Capital Providers on a collaborative transaction platform
  9. 9. Platform Snapshot
  10. 10. Contact Information Amanda Hoey amanda@mcedd.org 541-296-2266 www.mcedd.org