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Myopia Eye Hospital India


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Saraswathi eye hospital India specialised in treatment for myopia.

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Myopia Eye Hospital India

  1. 1. Specialized in Myopia
  2. 2. Our Treatments Treatment for Myopia - Low Myopia - High MyopiaMyopia Nearsightedness is a vision condition in whichclose objects are seen clearly, butobjects farther away appear blurred.
  3. 3. Treatment for Eye Tumor orRetinoblastomaEye cancer refers to a cancerousgrowth in any part of the eye.Treatment for Bulging Eye A bulging eye or eyes is called proptosis,and is caused by something taking upspace inside of the eye socket andpushing the eye forward.
  4. 4. Treatment for Cataract in EyeCataract is an eye disease inwhich the clear lens of theeye becomes cloudy opaque,causing decrease in vision.Treatment for GlaucomaGlaucoma damages the eyes opticnerve. It is a leading cause of blindness.
  5. 5. Lasik Eye SurgeryLasik eye surgery is type ofrefractive surgery used totreat myopia, hyperopiaand astigmatism.Squint SurgeryThe abnormal eye in a personwith strabismus that is notaligned with the fixating eye.
  6. 6. Sty Eye TreatmentA sty (stye) develops from an eyelashfollicle or an eyelid oil glandthat becomes clogged fromexcess oil, debris or bacteria.Treatment for Color BlindnessColor blindness is the inability tosee certain colors in the usual way.
  7. 7. Our Services Online Enquiry Online Registration Transport Services
  8. 8. Saraswathi Eye Hospital Dr. Baskara Rajans achievements over last 40 years as an ophthalmologist- served in rural areas helped eradication of blindness.Contact Doctor Directly