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Dental implant for pensioners


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Dental implant for pensioners

  1. 1. By- Best Laser Dental Clinic
  2. 2. Patient complains of multiple missing upper and lower teeth on the right side of the jaw and has extreme difficulty in chewing food .
  3. 3. Pre-op view of the patient`s OPG shows multiple missing molars on the left side
  4. 4. Grossly decayed teeth were removed and single piece immediate loading implants were placed by flapless method
  5. 5. Post – op view of the patient`s OPG shows implant positions
  6. 6. Zirconium framework trial seen for upper & lower teeth
  7. 7. Permanent and aesthetic zirconium crowns were placed in 4-5 days
  8. 8.  For Further details log on to    For enquiries mail us at  /  Contact us at +9171515077 / 044-43856017
  9. 9. By- Best Laser Dental Clinic