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People's Insights Volume 1, Issue 39: Chase Community Giving


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This week, we distill insights around Chase Community Giving -- a program that empowers people to decide which charities should receive a share of $7.5 million in funding.

50+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on the MSLGROUP Insights Network.

Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities.

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People's Insights Volume 1, Issue 39: Chase Community Giving

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenshipPeople‟s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 38ChaseCommunityGiving
  2. 2. Chase Community GivingChase Community Giving empowers customers & employees tonominate charities to compete for $7.5 million of funding. Charities withthe most votes from the public win a larger share of the
  3. 3. People decide what mattersPeople participated in the program to support causes they believe in,and in many cases, to give back to charities that have helped their lovedones and their local
  4. 4. Charities gain funding & exposureNon-profit consultants believe that the platform offers charities morethan funding – the charities also gain mass exposure and newsupporters from the Chase Facebook community of 3.8 million
  5. 5. Benefit to ChaseBy targeting charities with a voting contest, Chase energized the localcommunities of numerous causes, expanded exposure of the Chasebrand, and built credibility as a socially responsible corporate.1)
  6. 6. Tapping into local communitiesThe program sparked grassroots movements as local communities tookit upon themselves to promote local charities, using tools provided byChase as well as their own innovative promotion ideas.1)
  7. 7. But should charities participate?Non-profit executives remain skeptical about voting contests, which,they believe, minimize people‟s involvement to just voting, pit charitiesagainst each other, and provide „free‟ advertising for big
  8. 8. Which charity is “more important”?With up to 5 votes to cast and nearly 30,000 charities to choose from,people were forced ask themselves which cause was “more important,”leading to anger and bitterness after the winners were
  9. 9. Support for ChaseBrand evangelists condemned the bitterness of “sore losers,” pointedout the benefits other than funding, and argued that charities that cansuccessfully mobilize their communities to vote deserve to be
  10. 10. Wave of nationalismThe decision to award the top grant of $250,000 to the Egyptian CancerNetwork* was not received well, and people were enraged that themoney would not be used to the benefit of U.S. citizens.*ECN is a U.S. based non-profit that provides support to hospitals and non-profits in
  11. 11. Charities v.s. customersMost of the debate focused on which charity was most deserving, butseveral people pointed out that the $7.5 million could instead have beengiven to customers in the form of better rates and
  12. 12. Demand for shared valueAll the responses, both positive and negative, had one thing in common:they acknowledged and demanded the need for shared value, andrewarded or punished Chase for the
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