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Accenture Financial Services Innovation Awards BeLux

  1. 1. Accenture BeLuxInnovation Awardsfor Financial ServicesEdition 2012
  2. 2. PrefaceThe Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards from Belgium. This clearly proves that A significant part of the success of thisfor Financial Services 2012, launched by innovation is very much alive and a first edition is due to the support ofAccenture in Belgium and Luxembourg priority within the Financial Services our partners who supported us in theaim to recognize and reward innovative marketplace in Belgium and Luxembourg. organization and provided the prizes forconcepts brought to market by small the candidates.and large companies in the Financial With so many innovative concepts toServices industry. choose from, the expert jury consisting of We would also like to thank the 17 Financial Services industry leaders and Innovation Awards team for puttingWith close to 100 innovation cases influencers from Belgium and Luxembourg considerable time and effort intosubmitted, 17,000 public votes and certainly had their work cut out. Without organizing the competition.more than 180 participants invited at their expertise, effort and dedication,the Awards ceremony in the Brussels the Innovation Awards would not be We hope this report will give you a goodStock Exchange, this first edition was a so prestigious. We would therefore like overview of innovation in the Financialreal success. to thank all the jury members for their Services industry and inspire you to participation and contributions. innovate to achieve high performance.From the 100 entries, almost twentypercent came from large organizations The three winners of the 2012 edition are With these Awards, we have created newand the remaining eighty percent from Digicash (Jury Prize), KBC Mobile Banking dynamism to promote innovation withinsmall and medium sized organizations. (Public Prize) and the Financial Services marketplace.Thirty percent of the cases were from (Jury Prize Runner-up).Luxembourg and seventy percent Baudouin Thomas Financial Services Lead Accenture in Belgium and Luxembourg Olivier Gillerot Country Managing Director Accenture in Belgium and Luxembourg 3
  3. 3. Table of ContentsInnovation in Financial Services lives! 7The Origami Butterfly 9Making the life of the client easier 10Looking back at the event 12And the winner is… 15Press & Buzz 17Presenting our expert jury 18Presenting our partners 20The candidates 22The organizing team 34About Accenture 36 5
  4. 4. Innovation in Financial Services lives!The Financial Services industry is going through rough times. It continues to draw negativeheadlines in newspapers and on television. Banks are struggling to cope with the impact of thefinancial crisis. However, at the same time, in the background, innovative ideas are born. Theyare nurtured in a protective cocoon to grow into impressive butterflies, promising to constitutethe basis for the future recovery of the financial sector.In order to give these butterflies some additional warmth and encouragement, Accenturein Belgium and Luxembourg has kicked off the “Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards forFinancial Services”. The first edition of this initiative has attracted a lot of attention andhence confirmed the interest in and potential for innovation in the BeLux financial sector. Ithas clearly succeeded in its objective to boost the dynamic around innovation, and to bringtogether the different stakeholders in a constructive discussion. The dots have been connected!Impressive list of diverse •• An important part of the applications •• Also the Financial Services sector focuses on innovating the way banks continues to develop its offering tocandidates and insurers interact with their clients. clients by adding some new, innovativeThe first edition of the Accenture BeLux Leveraging on internet and mobile products to its menu.Innovation Awards can count on a list of devices, advisory, sales and transaction initiation continue to move away from •• And finally, the multiple mono andcandidates which is impressive both in its cross-company ideation, training andsheer size as well as in its level of quality the traditional “brick” channels. In addition, new technologies like gesture information sharing platforms confirmand diversity. the sector interest in innovation; and control and eye tracking open up new horizons for the future. the fact that innovation thrives whenWith 98 subscriptions the cape of a 100 embedded in a broader ecosystem.candidates is as good as rounded. The vast • Secure access and protection of datamajority of those nearly 100 candidates is inherently important for Financialis composed of small and often very Services, and hence also a domainyoung companies. At the same time the where significant innovations aremature market players have demonstrated observed. Also here technologicalthat they also have a role to play in the evolutions allow for further progress,innovation debate by accounting for for example by encrypting data using20% of the candidates. With 70% of the quantum physics.candidates coming out of Belgium, and30% out of Luxembourg, the geographical •• Tools to gather and analyse clientdiversity was also ensured. information are getting more advanced than ever and result in aAn even bigger variety is found better understanding of client needs.when looking at the content of the In its turn, this customer insightsubmitted concepts, underlining the allows for a further alignment offact that innovation is hard to capture products, services, channels,…in one definition. 7
  5. 5. Intensive discussions during (, To be continued including the movie presenting the expert jury sessions Opening Bell Ceremony of the Brussels With the Innovation Awards, Accenture The large choice of high quality and Stock Exchange by the two winners of BeLux aims to trigger a dynamic diverse candidates presented to the expert the contest. Available videos have been interaction around innovation, motivating jury resulted in the impressive challenge viewed over 8,000 times. everyone involved to keep searching for to come up with one winner. new ideas. This edition of the Innovation This virtual buzz spilled over to the real Awards was hence not a one shot The expert jury was composed of 17 world and the Accenture Innovation initiative, but an ongoing effort which members; each one having their own Awards popped up on ATM’s and in client will be continued in the years to come. background and hence their own view on communications. It became a frequent We therefore invite anyone who has an innovation. Experts from the large banks topic for discussions on the work floor of innovative and viable idea to contact us and insurance companies in Belgium and more than one company. and to enter next year’s competition… Luxembourg were supplemented with This attention came out onto an Note: You can contact us via e-mail to representatives from NYSE Euronext, impressive 17,000 votes on the Accenture Febelfin, SWIFT, Belgacom, private equity BeLux Innovation Awards webpage; and investor Allyum, PHB Development, encouraged about 200 Financial Services Association des Banques et Banquiers de professionals to defy the cold and to Luxembourg, LuxInnovation, ISPIM attend the closing ceremony on February and the Vlerick Leuven Gent 2, 2012 at the Brussels Stock Exchange. Management School. Finally, the first edition of the Accenture They were brought together in two jury BeLux Innovation Awards for Financial sessions. A first session to confirm the Services has received extensive bandwidth proposed list of the top 25 candidates in the different media. The close which entered the public voting collaboration with MediaFin for the on- competition, and to select the expert line file on innovation in financial services jury short list of eight candidates. The and the coverage of the closing event second session allowed the expert jury have resulted in continuous attention in to interview each of those eight before De Tijd and L’Echo. This attention was agreeing on the final winner. The long picked up by other media, resulting in and heated debates did not result in an the press coverage detailed in the section award winner only, but also lead to some “Press & Buzz” of this report. new ideas to combine and leverage the presented candidates. Active collaboration with Extensive visibility in the real selected partners world and in the virtual world The first edition of the Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards has been actively The initiative was followed with supported by a limited number of selected enthusiastic interest by the traditional partners. Each of them has its role and media, but even more on electronic reputation in the financial sector, while forums and platforms. The Accenture having maintained its objectivity and BeLux Innovation Awards micro site independence from the large and small ( market players. / set the tone and was quickly followed Their active support in the search by candidates, partners and media for candidates, the screening and who published banners, articles and assessment of submitted concepts and referrals. Social media were leveraged the organization of the closing event to further spread the word, with active has contributed to the success of this cover on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, first edition of the Innovation Awards. SlideShare and YouTube. The dedicated The prices in goods they offered Twitter account ( (coaching in financial & business innovationbelux) has so far displayed planning, market research, innovation 630 tweets and counts 214 “Followers”. training, housing, media visibility and 26 videos have been uploaded on the networking… ) will contribute to the Innovation Awards YouTube page success of our award winners.8
  6. 6. The Origami ButterflyAccenture BeLux has chosen an Origami The choice of the green color refersbutterfly made out of green paper as to youth, vitality and energy, whichmascot for its Innovation Awards for constitute also the core features of anFinancial Services; since it reflects and innovative enterprise.promotes the values underlying the initiative. The origami is made of paper, which brings us to the essence of the FinanceThe butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, World: paper is the raw material forreinvention and innovation. It embodies the bank notes that allow our economythe idea of development, transformation to function on a daily basis, and toand accomplishment: the caterpillar constantly pursue its growth.evolves, grows wings, and turns intoa beautiful butterfly. This butterfly Finally, in some Asian countries, it isemerges from its cocoon to show itself customary to give notes folded in origamito the world, just like a brilliant idea style to wish peace and prosperity. Byleaves a creative mind to surprise and choosing an origami butterfly as symbolserve the public. for the Accenture Innovation Awards, we want to wish all our candidates peaceIn addition, the butterfly represents the and prosperity, hoping that their conceptmajor effects an initially small change might turn into a game changing elementcan have on the world at large in the for the financial industry.future. If according to the ‘butterflyeffect’ one butterfly is able to start atornado months later and miles further,then a well thought innovation cansurely grow and develop to reach highobjectives tomorrow. 9
  7. 7. Making the life of the client easier As already mentioned above, innovation comes in different forms and cannot be captured under one definition. At the same time, some fundamental trends and observations can be made based on the 98 innovative concepts which were scanned as part of the Accenture Innovation Awards. Looking at the evolutions taking place •• By (re-)gaining trust: investing in Key examples include: AMAT in the BeLux Financial Services sector, it solutions to secure access to online Framework by Clear2Pay, ArcoInvoice becomes obvious that innovation aims services, to protect client and by Arco Information, CustyBank to make the life of the client easier, in a transaction data, to avoid by Custy, Intix Message Manager number of ways: fraudulent transactions or to protect by INTIX,… •• By further improving the convenience customers’ privacy. In addition to the technological of using banking and insurance Key examples include: 3SKey by evolutions as innovation enabler, the products: making it easier and faster SWIFT, IntelliStamp by Inventive different ideation platforms set up within for the client to access its bank or Designers NV, payfair@2.0 by one or across multiple companies deserve insurer, or to make payments, for European Payment Solutions NV, a special mention. They contribute to the example by leveraging internet and SQR Tech by SQR Technologies, sector innovative dynamic and involve mobile channels. TrustBuilder by SecurIT,… employees and clients in an active search Key examples include: AXA service for the innovations of tomorrow. mobile car and AXA service mobile A key enabler of a lot of these innovative Key examples of platforms fostering household by AXA Belgium, Digicash evolutions continues to be technology. the development of new ideas include by Mpulse, James by BNP Paribas Continuous technological evolutions eXchange2Innovate by BGL BNP Paribas, Fortis, KBC Mobile Banking by act as a true catalyst to keep up the Innotribe by SWIFT, Jump by BNP Paribas KBC, Make an Appointment by ING innovation pace, and to ensure the Fortis, XchangeHub by The Hub Brussels,… Belgium, Zoomit by Isabel SA/NV,… innovation of tomorrow: • Enable an in-depth understanding of •• By increasing transparency: offering the clients and their needs through client a clear (online) insight in advanced data capture across multiple product characteristics and pricing as sources, through sophisticated analysis well as in the status of, for example, and decision support, and through transactions. This transparency is pro-actively making the right requested and offered by individual information available at the right time financial institutions into their own to the right people. offering. It is also the domain of independent companies which can Key examples include: DeepDrill provide an objective comparison by BNP Paribas Fortis, Paperless between different companies, hence Bank by Bank J. Van Breda & Co, supporting customers in their choices. Wealth Management App by Avaloq Luxembourg Sarl, WealthExpert by Key examples include: ASSURAX by Gambit Financial Solutions,… VERZEKERINGEN,, Luxembourg Fund Monitor by • Opening up fully new horizons Trendiction SA, by which were up to now technically Verzekeringen NV,… not possible. •• By raising the relevancy of the banking Key examples include: E-Money as a and insurance products offered to Service by, Eye Tracking Tool clients: ensuring a maximal fit of what by ROGIL RESEARCH NV, iNUITM Fly is offered to the client with what he Folder by iNUITM Studio SA,… needs; in terms of product content (e.g. alternative investment solutions), • Improving the internal efficiency, service model and channels, pricing,… and by doing so enabling to improve the quality and speed of the Key examples include: Creative Equity, service offered to clients, enabling Funds for Good, Precious Time by price reductions,… Elite Advisers, Tax Shelter Premium by SCOPE Invest,…10
  8. 8. In addition to the impact the innovations have on the life of the client, concepts can also be classified based on Number of competing 3 concepts per category their functional content; as is done below starting from the Accenture High Performance Banking model. Digitalize client Continue evolving mobile technologies & channels Leverage internet to interaction in the (bank and non-bank solutions): create transparency traditional branch • Payments, but also other products (insurance, credits) across players 4 network 2 • Transaction initiation, but also advisory and sales 14 Channel Integration & Management Information collection Further advance integrated and publishing support use of different channels 3 Branch Phone ATM Mobile Web for individual companies and across industry 5 Distribution Sales, Marketing, Brand Management Use advanced analytics & • Product innovation client behavior analysis to leveraging for example support product development, new fiscal legislation marketing efforts, channel design,… 7 • Increase sophistication Customer Data Product Pricing of IT platforms: tooling Hub Aggregation Rules supporting client interaction and advisory; portfolio management 13 Important product innovation leveraging digital technologies Modest product (for example e-invoicing, Payments Lending Deposits Investment Insurance innovation and prepaid cards, e-vouchers, & Cash digitalization of client e-safe) 13 Management interaction 3 Production Continuous focus on improving: Modest innovation in products, client interaction • IT & data security - both processes, and internal in client interaction (e.g. for IT Risk Human Other efficient solutions 3 transaction initiations) as Corp. Management Resources within the bank • Automated support for application development and Out-of-the-box and tailored Actively manage information Software and testing solutions for risk-related topics exchange between communication tools like AML, Basel III, Solvency,… as employees and companies, automating different • Out-of-the-box software well as regulatory reporting 6 especially in support of support functions 3 solutions for small and large innovation process 6 banks 1611
  9. 9. Looking back at the event About 200 people accepted the personal invitation to join the Accenture Innovation Awards ceremony on February 2, 2012. Jury members, partners and candidates were joined by an impressive list of top management representatives of the different key players in the BeLux financial industry. They all gathered at the historical building of the Belgian Stock Exchange in the centre of Brussels to discover the final award winners. However, the agenda had more in store than the winners only. Some highlights… The Conversation Manager Benoît Cerexhe, Brussels by Steven Van Belleghem Minister of Economy, (InSites Consulting) Employment and R&D In recent years, the internet has developed Brussels has linked its destiny for an from a static into a social platform. This important part to the overall wellbeing development has had a major impact of the financial sector: it is home to an on the manner in which consumers seek important number of local, regional and information, communicate and indicate global financial players, continues to their purchasing intentions. Through a nurture technological evolutions in that number of concrete examples, Steven industry and hence has nearly 10% of Van Belleghem has demonstrated how its total employment originated in the marketers can change the way they financial sector. Together with the rest of interact with their customers and turn the world; Mr. Cerexhe therefore closely this trend to their advantage. Becoming a follows the current evolutions of this ‘conversation manager’ who listens to his sector. He strongly believes in the role customers and actively collaborates with innovation can play in re-establishing them is the way forward. the trust clients have in their bank and actively supports any initiative that promotes innovation – as the Accenture Financial Services Innovation Awards do.12
  10. 10. Innovation MarketThe top 8 candidates were offered theopportunity to introduce their conceptto the audience during the InnovationMarket, opened during the welcome drinkas well as during the walking dinnerfollowing the ceremony. A computerscreen and a publicity desk were availableto support the promotion of the concepts.In addition, each of the top 8 candidateswas presented during the ceremony bymean of a personal short video followedby a snap interview with the candidate.Euronext Bell CeremonyThe winners of the Accenture FinancialServices Innovation Awards 2012 wereinvited to open the trading day onFebruary 6. In addition to the honor ofringing the symbolical bell, Euronextoffered to the winners and top 8candidates the opportunity to continuethe discussion on innovation withEuronext staff and to exchange ideas forthe future. 13 13
  11. 11. The building“ The building that houses the Brussels Stock Exchange does not have a distinct name, though it is usually called simply the Bourse. It is located on Boulevard Anspach, and is the namesake of the Beursplein/Place de la Bourse, which is, after the Grand Place, the second most important square in Brussels. As part of the covering of the river Senne for health and aesthetic reasons in the 1860s and 1870s, a massive program of beautification of the city centre was undertaken. Architect Léon-Pierre Suys, as part of his proposal for covering of the Senne, designed a building to become the centre of the rapidly expanding business sector. It was to be located on the former butter market, (itself situated on the ruins of the former Recollets Franciscan convent) on the newly created Anspach Boulevard (then called Central Boulevard). The building was erected from 1868 to 1873, and mixes elements of the Neo-Renaissance and Second Empire architectural styles. It has an abundance of ornaments and sculptures, created by famous artists, including the brothers Joseph and Jacques Jacquet, Guillaume de Groot, French sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse and his then-assistant Auguste Rodin.”1 “The hundreds of sculptures and bas-relief [constitute] allegories for Brussels, Freedom of Trade, Africa and Asia […].”2 1 Source: Wikipedia ( 2 Source: (
  12. 12. And the winner is…Both the public and the expert jury have opted for a user friendly, mobile solution as theirfavorite innovation. The public prize is awarded to KBC Mobile Banking, a Smartphone solutionfor fast peer-to-peer payments. The expert jury preferred Digicash by Mpulse.Public Prize Winner quickly transfer money from your savings allows the client to pay with his phone to your current account and the problem in restaurants, bars, shops,… He scans is solved. You are at a restaurant with a the QR code and enters his pin code. group of friends, going Dutch? No need to The payment is made immediately; the swap money between people, just pay the merchant receives the money directly on restaurant and each other by SMS. Very his account” according to Mpulse Sales easy, fast and without security issues. and Marketing Director, Jonathan Prince. The base principle of secure access is that the client needs to know something – his Rosy future for small, mobile access password - and to have something payment solutionsKBC Mobile Banking: the next - the secure QR code in his phone.” Jonathan Prince expects this innovationstep in mobile banking The breakthrough of KBC Mobile Banking to surf the wave of mobile payments. has already started as per Dirk Cuypers: “Mobile payment is going to be the “No wonder that the first signs of success economic engine for the 5 to 10 years to were already visible. KBC Mobile Banking come. That is not only a personal belief. was launched in October and we already There are already worldwide 4 billion have about 70,000 users, good for nearly credit cards and 5 billion mobile phones. 100,000 transactions per week. And Recent studies estimate mobile payments growth is expected to be exponential, business at 670 billion dollars by 2015. following the growth in the number There is therefore an important need of Smartphones: market estimates for new solutions for payments over the indicate that within 12 months, 50 to 60 internet, in shops and of course mobile.Dirk Cuypers, Head of Distribution percent of all Belgian people will have Those solutions need to be simple andChannels at KBC Belgium, explains a Smartphone. In addition, mobile data secure. Digicash does not request thehow simple KBC Mobile Banking is... traffic is getting cheaper very fast. The client to disclose any personal informationYou download the application from millions of users of internet banking will at the location of the payment. We createthe KBC website.. This app allows you hence rapidly switch to mobile banking an ecosystem for banks, card providers,‘scash’ with other users of the system: solutions. This evolution will be even merchants and consumers.”retailers, friends, family, … You only faster if Belgian banks work together on aneed your mobile device and password market standard for mobile solutions.” Boosting economyto make a payment. No need to carryaround cash anymore. You hold the two This trend is also good to boost thephones or tablets close to each other overall economy. “It will generate moreso that they can exchange QR codes, Jury Prize Winner payments, which are executed faster andand the payment is made. The money is with less error than through internetimmediately transferred. banking. With our QR code: no errors. And the payment is done in a matter ofIn addition the App can be used to seconds” indicates Jonathan Prince. “Inmake payments to accounts at other Digicash: pay mobile –fast addition, the solution can handle fidelitybanks, to check balance, to follow-up ontransactions,… just as an ATM. and errorless programs, rebate vouchers and other direct marketing actions – again fast and without errors. Merchants can link in theirFlexible and yet safe CRM systems, while customers only needDirk Cuypers: “We started from the one card for all retailers.”question which service would bring a http://www.digicash.lureal added value for our clients. Internetbanking can only be used on a PC and israther cumbersome in usage, credit anddebit cards necessitate a whole networkof ATM’s. KBC Mobile Banking eliminatesthese obstacles. You are at the cashier “The customer downloads the App onin the supermarket and you don’t have his Smartphone or tablet and enters oneenough money on your account? You time his account- or card number. This 15
  13. 13. Jury Prize Runner-up Given the overall impressive diversity and high quality of the submitted innovations, the expert jury decided to award their “runner-up”: is a Financial Services product comparison website that enables users to compare banking and insurance products, and select the offers that best suit their needs. The website also provides consumers with news about Financial Services products. http://www.bankshopper.be16
  14. 14. Press & BuzzInnovation Awards for Financial Services in Belgium & LuxembourgIncreased visibility on Innovation: over 51,000 touch points Tactics: eMails, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare), Microsite, event, press relations, videos, public voting, online and print advertising/ advertorials, banners, WOM Targets: Clients, prospects, wider business community, government, influencers in Financial Services Campaign Launch: Q2 FY12 Outcome: • 17,000 votes for Top 25 candidates • 216 attendees (many C-levels) to the Innovation Awards Ceremony in Brussels • Press coverage in Trends, Kanaal Z & other media (over 10 articles/blogs) • Multimedia advertising campaign inSource: L’Echo and De Tijd L’Echo/ (full page advertorial, banners, 10.000+ dossier views)Business Opportunity: Position Accenture Marketing Solution: A campaign that • Promotion via clients KBC (emails) andas a leader in driving an innovation created awareness and knowledge of BNP Paribas Fortis (terminals)dynamism in Belgium & Luxembourg’s Accenture’s innovation awards and its • Awards Ceremony at the BrusselsFinancial Services focus on Financial Services and help build Stock Exchange (Feb 2, 2012) a network and dynamism of innovation • Bell Ceremony at Euronext Stock among large and small players Exchange (Feb 6, 2012) • Luxembourg Innovation Awards (May 10, 2012) Contact for more information: 17
  15. 15. Presenting our expert jury The first edition of the Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards for Financial Services can boast on an impressive expert jury. Executive level representatives from the different large BeLux banks and insurers agreed to take seat in the jury panel, together with key people from institutions like FebelFin, SWIFT and from our partners in Belgium and Luxembourg: private equity company Allyum, Association des Banques et Banquiers de Luxembourg, Belgacom, ISPIM, LuxInnovation, NYSE Euronext, PHB Development and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. This resulted in an expert jury composed of people with quite different views on innovation, and in very interesting discussions during the two sessions. We therefore want to warmly thank all of our expert jury members for their time and commitment to the discussions, which certainly contributed to the success of this first edition. Raphaël Abou Rudi Collin Ignace Combes Allyum BNP Paribas Fortis Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Managing Director Head of Corporate and Transaction Chairman Centre for Financial Services Banking Europe François Coupienne Bjorn Cumps Wien De Geyter PHB Development Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Febelfin Partner & Consultant in Mobile Doctor - Senior Researcher Secretary General Financial Services Quinten Fraai Cédric Grandjean Marc Hemmerling ING Belgium Belgacom Association des Banques et Banquiers du General Manager Direct Channels Director Mergers & Acquisitions Luxembourg Head of Organization, Technology and Payment Systems18
  16. 16. Jean-Paul Hengen Anne-Laure Mention Konstantin PericLuxInnovation CRP Henri Tudor - Head of Unit SWIFTLuxembourg ICT Cluster Manager Innovation Economics & Service Valuation Head of Innovation ISPIM - Member of the Advisory BoardGuido Poffé Daniel Falque (replacement of G. Poffé) Carlo ThillKBC KBC BGL BNP ParibasSenior General Manager of Retail & CEO KBC’s Belgium Business Unit Chairman of the Management Board andPrivate Bancassurance Distribution member of the Board of DirectorsPhilippe Van Belle Vincent Van DesselAG Insurance NYSE Euronext BrusselsBOO & CIO Chairman and CEO of Euronext Brussels and member of the Management Committee of NYSE Euronext 19
  17. 17. Presenting our partners A selective list of partners has been found willing to support us in the organization of the first Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards for Financial Services. They have done so by providing access to their professional network allowing the identification of potential candidates; by supporting the assessment of the submitted concepts, by offering access to the event venue; and last but not least by providing us with an attractive range of prices for our winners. We therefore also want to extend our appreciation to our partners for having contributed to the success of the Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards. Allyum offers corporate finance and InSites Consulting is a new style online private equity services for small and marketing research agency. InSites The International Society for Professional medium sized enterprises (SME). Allyum Consulting is a company of change agents Innovation Management (ISPIM) is provides a wide range of tailored as they connect marketers and consumers a worldwide network of researchers, Financial Services in the area of IPO, on research communities, help them industrialists, consultants and public M&A and Fund raising. Allyum has been develop cool brands with the power to bodies who share an interest in innovation awarded in 2008 and 2010 as the best stay hot and develop marketing activation management. Formed in 1983, ISPIM has IPO House of the Year. which is worth talking about. InSites 560 members from 55 countries and is the Consulting helps their clients to let go Allyum offered a Business Plan critical oldest, largest and most active innovation and delegate real power to consumers, the review session to the Jury Prize runner-up. association in Europe. ultimate key to making better marketing decisions and driving business growth. ISPIM offered free membership for 2012 to the TOP 8 candidates. InSites offered an inspiring introduction workshop on Conversation Management or on Generation Y to the Jury Prize winner. http://www.insites.eu20
  18. 18. NYSE Euronext (NYX) is a leading globaloperator of financial markets and providerof innovative trading technologies. Thecompany’s exchanges in Europe and the Vlerick Leuven Gent ManagementUnited States trade equities, futures, School is an international academicoptions, fixed-income and exchange- Technoport is a technology-oriented school of management that aims totraded products. With approximately business incubator that supports make an important contribution to8,000 listed issues (excluding European entrepreneurs in the validation, professionalizing management andStructured Products), NYSE Euronext’s implementation and development of their encouraging entrepreneurship.equities markets – the New York Stock innovative business idea. TechnoportExchange, NYSE Euronext, NYSE Amex, The school realizes this mission through does this by providing access to resourcesNYSE Alternext and NYSE Arca – represent rigorous and relevant scientific research that entrepreneurs and small companiesone third of the world’s equities trading, and by offering a wide range of high- typically lack. Since 1998, Technoportthe most liquidity of any global exchange quality management courses with a has developed experienced management,group. NYSE Euronext also operates specific European dimension. Vlerick networks and services to assist andNYSE Liffe, one of the leading European Leuven Gent Management School accelerate the growth of promisingderivatives businesses and the world’s welcomes students, managers and high potential projects and start-ups insecond-largest derivatives business by organizations from all over the world. Luxembourg. The mission of Technoportvalue of trading. The company offers is to support and promote the creationcomprehensive commercial technology, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management and the development of technological andconnectivity and market data products School offered a free position in their innovative companies.and services through NYSE Technologies. Entrepreneurial Innovation Program to theNYSE Euronext is in the S&P 500 index, Technoport offered a six-month free of winner of the Public Prize.and is the only exchange operator in the charge hosting to the Jury Prize winnerFortune 500. and Jury Prize runner-up. http://www.vlerick.comNYSE Euronext gave the winners the http://www.technoport.luopportunity to open the Bell Ceremony ofthe Brussels Stock Exchange onFebruary 6, 2012. 21
  19. 19. The candidates Top 8 KBC Mobile Banking by KBC iNUI™ Fly Folder by iNUI™ Studio SA The website has as a mission to support customers to compare bank products and to keep them up to date regarding important news and brand-new products on the market place via social networks and newsletters. In September 2011 KBC announced iNUI™ Fly Folder by iNUI™ Studio is the the launch of Mobile Banking, the Smartphone and tablet application first enterprise level software suite that designed to turn the mobile into a real- uses gesture recognition. It offers new time support for daily banking across ways of interaction and navigation, all channels. KBC Mobile Banking is Innotribe by SWIFT natural, simple, innovative, fun and a mobile payment system that allows intuitive, in a broad content type: Image, users to consult their accounts in real- Powerpoint, .pdf, video, web (Bing Map, time and wire transfers to other KBC Google Map, Weather, etc). Used as and non-KBC accounts. KBC provides “Information Corner”, it replaces the touch a native app for iOS (tuned for iPhone screens. The client moves from a passive to and iPad) and Android to make secure Innotribe is an initiative by the company an active state. Do not be just a spectator. payments intuitive, fast and convenient SWIFT to foster collaborative innovation in Financial Services. It is built around by simply tapping the phone which is using fingerprint technology to provide a mix of education, new perspectives, additional security. The application was collaboration and facilitation brought launched in September, immediately by strategists, business and technology putting the app in the top downloads leaders, trend-setters and trend-watchers. James by BNP Paribas Fortis in iTunes for both iPhone as iPad. November has been around the launch of Scash functionality which allows users of KBC Mobile Banking to perform peer-to-peer transactions to other James by BNP Paribas Fortis is a unique devices in real-time. Scash leverages QR concept in the Belgian market for remote Scanning technology to create a device- financial advice. A dedicated financial independent, highly secure, real-time expert is at your service via different mobile p2p payment system. modern ways of communication like videoconference, call or e-mail, and is standby available even outside traditional office hours. James is skilled as a true expert Digicash by Mpulse and supported by real-time market information like Bloomberg and Reuters. Not being caught in travel or long meetings, James is organized to contact clients in a very proactive way, and Digicash by Mpulse is an easy to use, fast, tailored to individual client needs. Not efficient and convenient mobile payment only on investments, but he will also solution to buyers and merchants. help with other banking affairs in general, thanks to his special access to a team of experts in areas like tax, lending and insurance.
  20. 20. Paperless Bank by Bank J. Van Zoomit by Isabel SA/NVBreda & Co Zoomit is a free service in Internet Banking that offers a quick and easy way to manage your bills and payments. In addition to help you keep your financial affairs in order, Zoomit allows you to do your bit for the environment.Paperless Bank by Bank J. Van Breda &Co is all about supporting the bank end- You get an e-mail when a new bill isto-end business processes at any time, available. Your bill looks just like theany place and as efficiently as possible paper version. You no longer have to typevia the use of electronic identity and out payments in Internet Banking, as themobile devices and without any manual payment slip is filled in in advance. All itintervention from the Back Office. takes is a few clicks to pay any bills you authorize. If necessary, you get an e-mail reminder a few days before the payment deadline, so you save administrative costs and avoid being cut off by service providers due to late payment. All your payments and the related documents are safely stored in your Internet Banking account for easy access. In addition, you can access the information at any time, at home, in the office or when you’re travelling. And thanks to Zoomit you can reduce your consumption of paper, which of course is good for the environment. 23
  21. 21. Concepts 9 – 25 (by alphabetical order) coupons, meal/eco/services cheques) get digitalized into E-vouchers. ASSURAX by Verzekeringen DeepDrill by BNP Paribas Fortis eXchange2Innovate by BGL Assurax is a franchise concept for BNP Paribas insurance brokers. A mix of regional exclusivity for the franchisee, well integrated ICT applications and extensive linkage to lets clients choose a balance between online advise and purchase or personal care at one of DeepDrill by BNP Paribas Fortis is a eXchange2Innovate by BGL BNP Paribas the Assurax offices. software offer materializing the entry and in collaboration with CRP Henri of the ‘investment products’ business Tudor, Ernst & Young and ProCompany into the ‘Big Data’ and ‘Data Analytics’ Eberwein & Partner is a dynamic era, inducing major changes in the way workshops program which aims at business is traditionally conducted. The offering the possibility for entrepreneurs AXA service mobile car and benefits can be expressed along 3 axes: to debate and reciprocally enhance 1. managing and reducing the regulatory sharing of cross-industries’ practices, AXA service mobile household and reputational risks through dynamic strategies, processes and technologies to by AXA Belgium adequacy between product risk and facilitate innovative initiatives. investor profile, 2. investment patterns identification, being used as input for new products development and highlighting the areas and products segments where tailored advisory should be delivered to Fidelsys by Fidelsys SA the sales force and 3. paves the way for automated direct tailored marketing, aimed at ultimately increasing customer New technologies are more and more satisfaction and business volume alike. impacting today’s world. With the AXA service mobile car and AXA service mobile household applications, AXA backs its E-Money as a Service by Fidelsys simplifies the use of paperless brokers into the digital age thanks to an solutions such as e-wallet, e-vouchers or innovative concept. gift cards by combining a global solution of marketing tools with the financial Customers with a car or a household world to turn the payment cards into insurance at AXA can pre-declare a car loyalty tools. or household claim with their iPhone. An easy and practical solution to offer them a E-Money as a Service by allows complementary service. companies to offer their own branded e-money services to end users under Funds For Good Tunz technology and license. The solution from Tunz has created new concepts to end users such as group buying, crowd funding, online and physical gift cards and CustyBank by Custy mobile payments (PingPing in Belgium). Funds For Good (FFG) is active in finance, introducing high quality asset managers (AM) to professional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds, e-vouchers by Monizze family offices). Funds For Good has a CustyBank by Custy is a transactions and unique business model : its objective is to portfolio management tool specifically maximize profits in order to share 50% designed for direct/online banks. The with philanthropy. tool includes several functions, including current & savings accounts and securities accounts management. Payment system integrates all the latest standards and Monizze provides innovative payment manages payments fully automatically. solutions where paper vouchers (tickets, http://www.custy.com24
  22. 22. Hipay by HPME Make an Appointment by SeeZam by SeeZam S.A ING Belgium SeeZam provides a unique virtualIn Europe, customers buy the same safe (e-Vault), guaranteeing the full Make an Appointment by ING guaranteesproducts in the same currency but use confidentiality of information and 24/7 access to a portal that allows INGdifferent payment methods. Hipay by works by depositing data in a “safe” and clients to make an appointment onlineHPME is an e-wallet that offers local allowing secure exchange between two with the branch employees of their choiceand international options to provide account (i.e. virtual safe) owners. in no more than four steps. Thanks to themany advantages for the end users and unique features of ING Belgium’s onlinethe merchants. appointment tool, the client is offered the possibility, via his personal computer or by using his mobile phone or tablet, to book a meeting slot directly into the agenda SQR Tech by SQR Technologies of the appropriate branch employeeIntix Message Manager by INTIX specifying the theme, date and time. By doing so, Make an Appointment truly fits into ING Belgium’s strategy as Belgium’s first universal direct bank: while browsing through one of ING’sIntix Message Manager by INTIX online channels, the customer can choose at any time to complement the online SQR specializes in hardware security forenables financial institutions to have a datacenters with the mission to developsingle window to make searching and self-service with a highly personalized service at the branch in a couple of clicks. the next platform of cloud securityreporting across multiple information solutions by exploiting the laws ofsilos and systems possible in an easy The client never suspects the underlying complexity of the tool (architecture, quantum physics.and cost-efficient way. The solutionis channel-agnostic and handles all databases, etc.): the appealing and easy- http://www.sqrtech.commessaging formats while presenting to-use interface guides the client throughdata in aggregated dashboard views. The a logic four-step flow.solution is mainly focusing on users in the WealthExpert by Gambitcontext of regulatory reporting, businessintelligence and searching and reporting Financial Solutions (long term) messaging archives. Payfair@2.0 by European Payment Solutions NVLuxembourg Fund Monitor byTrendiction SA WealthExpert by Gambit Financial Solutions is an Investment Advisory solution that uses questionnaires, guided payfair@2.0 by European Payment dialogue and mathematical methods to Solutions NV is a secure authentication support investors risk profiling, portfolio method combining an encrypted sound management and wealth managementThe Luxembourg Fund Monitor by authentication via mobile devices services for various segments of financialTrendiction collects and visualizes all the and a classic pin code to tackle the institutions private clients.relevant information that is published fraud issue and its expensiveonline and in social news on the funds consequences and to increase customers’ http://www.gambit-finance.comindustry in Luxembourg. It allows - to and merchants’ confidence.monitor the latest news and views onthe Luxembourg funds industry - to http://www.payfair.eusearch trends in the internationalinvestment fund environment - to followkey people, companies and associationsand to track legal and regulatorydevelopments worldwide. 25
  23. 23. Concepts 26 – 98 (by alphabetical order) important decrease of the risks when bringing a new application in production. 3SKey by SWIFT AlarmTILT by M-PLIFY ArcoInvoice by Arco Information AlarmTILT by M-PLIFY is an alert management solution working as Software and Connectivity as a Service. It uses all available communication channels (email, ArcoInvoice by Arco Information 3SKey by SWIFT is a multi-bank and sms, voice, fax, iPhone push, pager, web is a completely automated invoice multi-channel solution for electronic update, etc.) to quickly and reliably notify management solution which purposes are signature and strong authentication. and inform crisis management teams, to erase risk of error, to gain time and to Unlike traditional signature solutions, technical staff, management, partners and increase invoice treatment efficiency. 3SKey ensures global interoperability customers during incidents or disasters. between banks and their corporate clients, maintaining the bank independence on its own KYC (Know Your Customer) processes during registration. B-CEPHAL by Moriset AMAT Framework by Clear2Pay by Adlogix B-CEPHAL by Moriset is a powerful, rapidly deployed Business Intelligence engine that helps financial institutions to make rational short term decisions Adlogix is a digital advertising resource The AMAT Framework by Clear2Pay on business cases where data management solution for premium is a software solution that enables to is degraded and where business publishers. It helps its clients to maximize test automatically mobile applications assumptions are complex. their premium digital advertising revenue for validation against pre-defined and to minimize their operational costs by specifications and industry regulations. providing them a process facilitation and optimization software solution. BA Max by AG Insurance Application smooth reception by Advia methodology by REVER AG Insurance non-life is positioned as a universal insurer on the Belgian market focusing on a multi-channel distribution strategy (bank & broker), aimed at combines E-invoicing and different market segments (retail and E-Credit Management services in order business clients). To differentiate its to deliver the invoices to the debtor and Application smooth reception product offering it applies a strict rule of getting them paid. Real-time and online methodology by Rever allows a smooth continuous product innovation, resulting professional intervention possibilities are reception methodology and tools for in an innovation every 3 to 6 months in foreseen. provides advantages computer applications. It allows the the Retail and/or SME market. In 2008, AG for both creditor and debtor by using end-user to validate each of its business Insurance launched BA Max as a product multiple innovative techniques such as requirements versus the delivered innovation. BA Max is the only “RC” Car Zoomit, Finvoice, XML, etc.: it is easy to application. This makes it possible to go insurance in the market that covers the use, involves no heavy investments nor through a partial and smooth application drivers bodily injuries up to 250,000 EUR software adaptations, is highly cost- reception, requirement by requirement. even for accidents at fault. efficient, and on the top of it, it has a The end user can decide at each moment, green image. after validation, to put a part of the application in production. This is a very particuliers/bamax1.asp http://www.advia.be26
  24. 24. BeCommerce his office with “signature-slogan”: “Your Collibra Business Semantics broker - Your best Insurance”. Glossary by Collibra NV/SA Business Semantics Glossary by Collibra helps companies to define whatBeCommerce is the Belgian association Business suite of applications by their data means for their business,for companies active in online and involving all stakeholders. It manages tooffline distance selling. They encourage OpenERP S.A improve responsibility, ownership, andthe growth of the E-commerce sector interoperability and aligns business andthrough awareness raising, information, technical users.promotion and certification ofE-commerce sites via a quality label and OpenERP is an open source ERP software.a code of conduct. It offers a comprehensive suite of business applications that can be used both online and on-site. Consolidation Platform for Wealth Management by Wealth@Work http://openerp.comBPO by Crefius NV CapitAnt Wealth@Work intends to deliver to the Family Offices and External Asset Managers a unique neutral and cost-BPO by Crefius NV is an all-in-one BPO effective consolidation platform forsolution for strategic mortgage lending CapitAnt organizes professional seminars, wealth management using a SaaS model.program, from the initial business case workshops, debates and more with thethrough set up and implementation. aim to educate and involve students in the financial market world. Creative EquityBrand a profession by BROCOM Creative Equity is a start-up specialized Cleva by Mercator in Impact Finance. Their aim is to solve social challenges while generating financial profit. Through its business model Creative Equity provides investors on both requirements.BROCOM has as core business thepromotion of the insurance broker inthe presence of the other distribution ErgoSuite by Netway SAchannels (bank, direct, agents …). In Cleva is an insurance application forformer days BROCOM always referred the management of clients, policies andto the “BROCOM-broker”, which led to claims provided by the French softwaredifferentiation within the channel. vendor ITN. Mercator uses Cleva as its back office system and makes use of a2/3 of all Belgian active professional service-oriented architecture. Thisbrokers are members of BROCOM. allows different systems to communicateTherefore, within BROCOM, a next step with the back office through the use of ErgoSuite by Netway integrates scientificin positioning this profession forced the services. behavioral knowledge with classicalitself. By conducting promotion for the website/application design best practicesprofession itself, without reference to to generate the expected return onthe organization BROCOM, and this ColibriCard investment. The tool allows to predict thewith a new and refreshing logo. The non-conscious efforts of a user during theidentification campaign is the ideal design phase of a website/application.starting point in indicating to theconsumer, in a permanent manner, where Colibricard is a financial platform and http://www.netway.euto get independent and professional end user product where prepaid paymentadvice in insurance matters. Every partner cards are issued by using the Mastercardcan put a signage of the new logo at backbone for acceptance. 27
  25. 25. Evolan Originator by Sopra Group FAST-Finance by e-Kenz S.A. HomeSend by Belgacom International Carrier Services S.A. (BICS S.A.) Evolan Originator by Sopra Group is part of the Evolan Banking Suite. It is an FAST-Finance by e-Kenz is a solution to electronic platform used to distribute manage a company financials and cost complex financial products across multiple accounting. This SAP Business All-in- channels, providing optimal efficiency One solution is based on best practices, HomeSend by Belgacom International and supporting all processes of each available in a few days. The concept is Carrier Services S.A. (BICS S.A.) is a stakeholder involved. perfectly fitted to the needs of SMEs that global hubbing service that enables quickly want to start their business. cross-border and cross-network person- to-person transfers. Excentive Compensation Cockpit by Excentive International Gapra by Fisk Consulting gcv ID PAY by Loyaltek Excentive Compensation Cockpit by Excentive International is a software solution that covers all parts of Gapra by Fisk Consulting is an application Compensation Management in a financial ID PAY by Loyaltek uses the Belgian designed for the banks market risk institution in order to attract, motivate electronic identity card as a mean of department or other organizations with and retain the best employees, dealers payment to be used in payment terminals. a trading function. It allows analysts to and agents. By linking the eID card to one or more import, analyze, correct, comment upon, accounts, it is possible to pay without validate and report the daily results any additional card. On the merchant of the trading floor for internal and side, it allows to automatically identify regulatory purposes. the customer and to create and easily Eye Tracking Tool for Customer maintain a customers’ database. Interaction Optimization by ROGIL RESEARCH NV Getyoo Intelligent Invoice Processing by Dynatos Eye Tracking Tool for Customer Interaction Optimization by ROGIL RESEARCH NV is an eye movement registration tool Getyoo offers NFC-based interactive that analyzes the customers behavior experiences and smart solutions (Mobile Intelligent Invoice Processing by Dynatos when interacting with service providers Payment, Networking, Information focuses on the area of incoming invoice such as banks or retailers. The tool retrieval, …) aimed at facilitating processing to provide a full automation of helps its clients to guide their strategy exchanges between the real world and paper and electronic invoices flow. It thus by identifying a comprehensive list of the virtual universe by interconnecting minimizes the time and money spent on drivers (i.e. percentage of promotions…) objects, people, social networks and the handling all types of invoices. and the relative impact of each driver Web via a single device. on the customer behavior to optimize investment and leverage communication to maximize gains. http://www.rogil.eu28
  26. 26. IntelliStamp by Inventive Jump by BNP Paribas Fortis Kynox – Client Data & Relation-Designers NV ship Management by Jiway S.A. Jump by BNP Paribas Fortis is an innovative idea management system. Jump uses a collaborative approach toIntelliStamp by Inventive Designers tries share the evaluation workload over a Today, the financial industry recognizesto bridge the gap between electronic large population. Anyone with an idea can how important it is to know about thesignature and paper-dependent business post it, and other users will be asked to customers (KYC). The Kynox Client Dataprocesses by providing a hybrid signature review it. Everyone has a role on Jump! & Relationship Management Suite bythat can be used to sign electronic Jiway allows the organizations to makedocuments, but that also has a visual For each idea, Jump selects 50 users clients feel that each of them is a uniqueextension – a stamp. (experts) based on their declared and privileged customer. Kynox manages competences. In order to increase its clients, but as well prospects, together efficiency, Jump guarantees anonymity with all participants having a role inproducts/intellistamp all along the process, for innovators and the root structure (Account holder, POA, for experts. beneficial owner...).Intrum Web by Intrum Justitia The main benefit of Jump is to filter innovative ideas, so the Innovation Committee receives only high potential ones. Lynx Wereldwijd Beleggen by LynxIntrum Web by Intrum Justitia is an In this condition, the Innovationonline tool allowing the customers to Committee can spend more time to selecteasily deal with unpaid invoices, credit innovations that will be completed andmanagement process and the different sometimes also funded.parties involved : debtor, creditor and Lynx Wereldwijd Beleggen by LynxIntrum Justitia. provides a multi-channel trading platform KADOZ by Loyaltek along with its trading tools at a very low cost, giving access to more than 80 markets to its customers. http://www.lynx.beISIWIS Kadoz by Loyaltek is a tailor-made MiddleOffice Control™ by payment scheme which purpose is to be AlSego S.A. used as a thematic or geographic closed- loop gift card to allow many differentIsiwis technology enables companies to small players to join together to offer acontrol their collaborative environment wide range of which they electronically manageand share documentation. It is a single MiddleOffice Control™ by Alsego is ansecure environment for an organization’s intuitive and user-friendly Automatedvaluable and confidential documents, Portfolio Consolidation & Managementimproving efficiency and compliance, software solution for Private Wealthmitigating operational risk, and Managers, Asset Managers andfacilitating collaboration with internal Family Offices.and external parties around the globe viaSaaS technology. 29