Day 3 group B....Aftermath of the Mexican War


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Day 3 group B....Aftermath of the Mexican War

  1. 1. Day 3: Jackson-ManifestDestiny-Emily, Allison, Dan
  2. 2. Group B:The controversial aftermath of the MexicanWar reflected the sectional interests of NewEnglanders, westerners, and southerners due toslavery.
  3. 3. The Mexican War!America wants California, however itbelongs to Mexico.After John Slidell’s $25 million offer isturned down, President Polk sends 4,000troops to the Rio Grande.Mexico claimed that theTexas-Mexicoborder was the Nueces River, not theRio Grande.Mexico crosses the Rio Grande and warwith Mexico is declared.
  4. 4. Mexican War Cont.After obtaining California, defeatingSanta Anna in Texas, and conqueringMexico City, the war ended withNicholas Trist’s Treaty of GuadalupeHidalgo.The issue of slavery in the new landremains.
  5. 5. What to do about slavery?David Wilmont proposes the WilmontProvisio (Mexican Cession lands closedto slavery).This was passed in the House, butfailed in the balanced Senate due to theSouth’s refusal to agree.The Wilmont Provisio opens up theissue of slavery.General Lewis Cass aims to please in theelection of 1848 and suggests popularsovereignty (the people of a territorydecide on the issue themselves).
  6. 6. The NorthernersThe Free Soil Party emerges because theNortherners were upset that neither party inthe election (Taylor [whig] or Cass[democratic]) was taking a stance on the issue.Martin Van Buren is nominated....he isagainst slavery in the territoriesFree Soilers favor federal money for internalimprovements and free land for settlers outwest.People in the Free Soil party included....people upset over getting only half oforegonpeople who didn’t want blacks in new lands
  7. 7. The SouthThe South demands more land forgrowing cotton along with moreslaves to work the land.Due to the issue of slavery beingbrought about from the MexicanWar, many northern abolitionistsspoke out.This caused the South to lash backemancipation proposals weredefeated in VANat Turner’s bloody rebellionscared whites into tighteningblack codes.
  8. 8. The WesternersGold was discovered in California.People fled there looking to get rich quickWith enough people to become a state,California applies to be a freestate....threatening the15-15 slave-free balance.
  9. 9. CompromiseCalifornia’s requests brings all of these issues tocongress.From the South: John C. Calhoun argues forstate’s rightsFrom the North: Daniel Webster is againstexpansion of slavery, but wants compromise(believes Mexican Cession lands are too dry forcotton and therefore won’t need slaves).
  10. 10. Compromise of 1850What the North gets...CA is free stateSlave trade is banned in DC, but slavery islegal.Texas gives up its claims to lands in NewMexicoWhat the South gets...popular sovereignty to the Mexican CessionlandsTexas gets repaid for the lost land to NewMexico