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Lunch meeting5v2


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Equipment Lending dates;
February 14 is first day to wear boots

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Lunch meeting5v2

  1. 1. Lunch Meeting 1/31/13Gear Information
  2. 2. Wear Boots to SchoolValentine’s Day – Feb. 14 is the lunch meeting wherewe will check boots.Make sure they are properly tied (to the top).Be patient as you enter. If we think you have issues wewill move you to the side for some training.
  3. 3. Equipment LendingFebruary 7, Thursday, after school Boots Socks GaitersFebruary 12, 13, Tues/Wed at Lunch Enter doors between Burns/Nash (across from Room 13) Everything available
  4. 4. Packing NotesEveryone will be moving at least once some twice Label everything you are taking Pack in a bag you can carry Pack yourself so you know where to find everythingEveryone will need a sleeping bag – EVEN THOSEstaying at the Wawona or Yosemite Lodge Double bag your sleeping bag if you are carrying it in a garbage bag. Label this clearly.