Monroe Township Library e-Books and Android Tablets and Phones


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  • Make sure everyone is connected to the library’s wifi. (What’s the Wifi ID, etc.? – Meg) To download library books, Kindle users must use WiFi or USB. 3G will not work. If anyone asks about Whispernet: It’s just the name for the technology Amazon users to deliver books over the wireless connection, no matter if it’s wifi or 3G. That’s all they need to understand.
  • This will launch Safari.
  • Make sure to mention that for every book, it will show all the available formats. Make sure you choose the correct format for your device. If a copy is checked out, they will have the option to “Place a Hold” and enter their email address to be informed when it is available. “ Proceed to checkout” very reminiscent of online shopping (like with Amazon) that will be familiar to most people. They can also “Continue Browsing” if they want to add more books before checking out.
  • On the checkout screen, you can review the lending period options available (are you a speed reader or do you like to take your time?). Then just click “Confirm Check Out”.
  • Finally you come to the Download screen. Here you can review the Checkout date (today) and when your book is due back (on the right side of the screen).
  • Monroe Township Library e-Books and Android Tablets and Phones

    1. 1. [Android Workshop]
    2. 2. What You’ll Need1. Your library card2. An Adobe account3. Your tablet running Android (on WiFi or 3G)
    3. 3. To Get an Adobe Account… Go to and click “Sign In”
    4. 4. Click “Don’t Have an Adobe ID?” Fill out the required information and click “Continue”
    5. 5. Now we’ll install the OverDrive app on your device…
    6. 6. Setting up the OverDrive AppOn your device, search for “OverDrive” in the App Store and download
    7. 7. Click to open the menu
    8. 8. Enter the App Settings Menu
    9. 9. Syncing Your AccountIn the Settings menu, Authorize your device by entering your Adobe account information
    10. 10. Getting BooksTap “Get Books” on the bottom of the OverDrive screen
    11. 11. On the “Get Books” screen, tap “Add a Library”
    12. 12. Enter “08094” and tap “Search”
    13. 13. Choose “Free Library of Monroe Township”
    14. 14. Tap “South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative”
    15. 15. This will automatically open up theOverDrive main screen in your web browser.
    16. 16. Log in first for ease of use!Choose Monroe Township from the drop-down menu and enter your Library card number.
    17. 17. Choose Search, then type in your search terms and press GOClick “Show only available titles” if you don’t want to go on the waiting list for a book.
    18. 18. Tap "Add to Cart”Make sure you choose the correct format (Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF) for your device. If a copy is checked out, you will have the optionto Place a Hold and enter your email address to be informed when it is available.
    19. 19. Tap “Proceed to Check Out”
    20. 20. Review your Lending Period Options Then tap “Confirm Check Out”
    21. 21. Tap the “Download” button
    22. 22. Choose to open the book with OverDrive Media Console
    23. 23. The book will now appear in your bookshelf!Tap on the book to start reading. Enjoy!
    24. 24. Library Policies• Your library eBook will be automatically removed from your device on the due date.• That means NO late fees!
    25. 25. Contact 856-629-1212 ext 206