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Accra MongoDB User Group

  1. 1. Accra MongoDB User GroupMeeting held on 10th November 2012Presented by Yusuf Hamza(Founder and Co-Organizer)
  2. 2. What is MongoDB?- Database Management System-Open Source-Document Oriented-Schema less-Scalability-Agility-Rich Text Query
  3. 3. A Brief on 10genFounders-Dwight Merriman: former DoubleClick Founder and CTO-Eliot Horowitz: former DoubleClick engineer and ShopWiki Founder andCTODwight + Eliot =experiences building large scale, high availability, robustsystems.Management-Dwight Merriman, CEO & Co-FounderTwitter: blog: Schireson, PresidentTwitter: blog: Horowitz, CTO & Co-FounderTwitter: blog:
  4. 4. Offices-New York City (New York)-Palo Alto (Carlifornia)-Reston (Virginia)-London(Great Britain)-Dublin(Ireland)-Barcelona(Spain)-Sydney( Australia)
  5. 5. Investors-Flybridge Capital Partners: Capital: Square Ventures: http:// Enterprise Associate, Inc. (NEA): http:// Portofolio : USA-Buddy Media -Prizee -Wordnik-Cisco -Rangespan - Zuberance-Craiglist -Server Density-CustomLink -Shopcade-Disney -Shurterfly-Forbes -Smartling-Foursquare -Sruq-Intuit - The Guardian-Mtv Networks -Tracckr
  6. 6. Why Join MongoDB User Group?-Stimulate your intelligence-Job Trends-New way of dealing with Data-Meet the demands of the future- Learn and Share ideas in a relaxed and free session- Get solutions to your database problems- Collaborate to undertake new projects- Any issue worth pursuing.
  7. 7. Cloud and Hosting Partners:-Amazon Web Services-Engine Yard-Joyent-Windows Azure-MongoHQ-MongoLab-Rackspace Hosting-RedHat-VMWare- Enovance
  8. 8. Use Cases:- Operational Intelligence- Content Management- Product Data Management- High Volume Data Feeds- User Profile Management- Hadoop.
  9. 9. Basic MongoDB Operations Queries and what they match • .pdf MongoDB Commands • f
  10. 10. The rise of NoSQL and why MongoDB is leading the pack. Credit:Matthew Asslet
  11. 11. Credit: Mathew AssletMongoDB accounts for 43% of all mention of NoSQL technologies inlinked in Profiles.
  12. 12. MongoDB 2.2. what’s new? Concurrency • DB level Locking -Replication not impeded by other operations -Can be spited into Dbs • Yielding with Disk Acess - Finish making sure no disk acess in a lock - can measure globally and per db if it happens - Can measure faults per db
  13. 13. Aggregation FrameworkMap Reduce = complicated (javascrip codes) and not too awesomeMongoDB 2.2 Proves a simpler and more awesome approach e.g Simple JSON Aggegation { $unwind : “$tags” , { $group : { id : “$tags” , total : { $sum : 1 } } } )
  14. 14. TTL Collections • Currently works with dates • Db.sessions.ensureindex({ lastupdated : 1 } , { expiresAfterSeconds : 86400 } ) ; • Background Job deleting entries • Storage engines configured for no fragmentation
  15. 15. FragmentationReasons why it’s a problem Storage engine free list stored by a power of 2 - Non heterogeneous sized data can fragment -Always allocate power of 2 - db.carts.runCommand( - “collmod” , -{ usePowerOf2sizes : true } ) Benefit: Consistency in performance Setback: Unused disk spaces(Expensive)
  16. 16. Data Center Awareness• Tagging for sharding• Can tag shard –A, B,C• Can define tag ranges - 0 -100 > A - 100-200 > B - ……Use Cases• Geo Collocating Data• Isolating Collections/data to specific shards/regions/types• Non heterogeneous hardware• Multi tenancy
  17. 17. A simple Applicationsusing MongoDB Developing an application to find nearby restaurant serving ‘Fufu ‘Using MongoDB as datasore. “Fufu” is a favorite delicacy in Ghana
  18. 18. • Geolocation Primer: Mehods to determine location• Detecting the location of a web visitor: The W3C geolocation API• Browsers support for the API• The Geolocation object: getCurrentPosition() method• Drawing map using the Google Maps API• Geospational Indexes: creating geospatial indexe• Performing location queries:finding restaurants near you using geoNear()Command and bounded queries• Geospatial Haystack Indexing: finding restaurants near you serving “fufu”
  19. 19. Free online courses from 10gen Education 10gen Education • An online learning platform run by 10gen (the MongoDB company) available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. • free courses will teach you how to develop for and administer MongoDB quickly and efficiently. • Frequent assessments help you verify your understanding, and at the end of a course, youll receive a certificate of completion from 10gen. • Youll also become a member of 10gens community of cutting-edge NoSQL technologists. • Over time, 10gen will be adding classes on schema design, advanced scaling and replication, and other topics, so check back often! • 10gens education platform was developed under a collaboration with edX, the not-for-profit consortium between MIT, Harvard and Berkeley.
  20. 20. Courses
  21. 21. For your informationOn 5th August 2012 Red Planet(Mars) + on
  22. 22. Thank You Very MuchJoin us on ref=hl @AccraMongoDB