Sccto2012 womensgroupspartnership


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ShesConnected groups ,communities and organizations, partnership program.

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Sccto2012 womensgroupspartnership

  1. 1. PartnershipOpportunities
  2. 2. Partnership has its privileges groups across Canada. From entrepreneur networks to business groups to moms groups, we connect and collaborate with the most influential digital women in the country. 3 opportunities to partner with us: 1. Join the Shesconnected and be published in our directory this is the way to get noticed and be found! 2. Become a member of the ShesConnected Ad Network and generate revenue for your site. We find the advertisers, you run your community. 3. Be a Conference Partner- be included in our ongoing online engagements leading up to and following the Conference. Benefit from being a part of all Conference Media Summaries related to the Conference.
  3. 3. ShesConnected is DifferentFor the last five years, ShesConnected hasbeen actively engaging influential digital Nationalwomen. We are the only company to: Directory of Own our own social networking site just for women, where Groups women interact on a daily basis, and where they list their blogs, businesses, groups or events for free. As a result, we have created an expansive database with unique insight into how our   community members engage in social media and with brands. Run a wide variety of ongoing influencer programs and engagement tactics. Ad Network Host a one-of-a-kind Annual Conference where brands and digital women connect and interact. Implement an Ad Network that aggregates traffic blogs, community sites and portals to have greater influence with advertisers members receive 70% of revenue generated. Print a and Organizations designed to help its members get noticed Our Annual Conference www.shesconnected  
  4. 4. Groups, Communities andOrganizationsThis is the premiere destination for allorganizations across North America. Each group will have their own homepage and listing on There are also options to promote your upcoming events to an active and keen audience of digital women. Build your community with exposure to our expansive database of influential digital women. You will be published in the National Directory e-book which will be available for download.
  5. 5. Introducing the ShesConnected By we have greater influence with advertisers. There is no cost to join the ShesConnected Ad Network We take care of the sales and administration you maximize the revenue from ads on your site. You have improved visibility with media buyers and advertisers, and receive the advertising revenues. 70% of all ad revenues go directly to your organization, the remaining 30% covers the cost of maintaining and running the ad network.
  6. 6. 3rd Annual ShesConnectedConferenceThis year the conference is about bloggers and business. We areleading the trend by tapping into influential business women. Thisincreases the opportunities for you to promote your network to theinfluential attendees - connect with the woman, the mom, thebusiness woman and their entrepreneurial audience. Be included in all event media promotions and be connected with our brand sponsors this publicity has the potential to be hugely beneficial to you and your community. Be included in our ongoing online engagements leading up to and following the Conference. Our social amplification programs include Brand Ambassadors, Blog Posts and Twitter Parties. Have your logo placed in the partner section of the ShesConnected Conference website, receive 2 complimentary tickets to the ShesConnected Conference, have a partner area on the exhibitor floor to promote your group to attendees, be provided with a ticket to giveaway to your members and receive the social support and interaction of your group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All in exchange for 2 dedicated email blasts to your members, banner ads promoting the event on your site and to connect socially with the ShesConnected Conference on your various social media networks.
  7. 7. ShesConnected Conference 2011Media
  8. 8. Toronto Starmillions and want to beToronto Star Fri Sep 30 2011 an average of 2.6 million unique visitors permonth. An increase of 85% from the same time last year.(audited by ABC Interactive - November, 2006)SATURDAY STAR CIRCULATIONTotal: 546,819
  9. 9. Toronto Starto harness the clout ofToronto Star Thu Oct 13 2011 REACH an average of 2.6 million unique visitorsper month. An increase of 85% from the same time lastyear. (audited by ABC Interactive - November, 2006)
  10. 10. 24 Hours24 hours (Toronto) Thu Sept 29 2011CIRCULATIONTotal: 245,126
  11. 11. Marketing MagazineOct 10, 2011TOTAL READERSHIP Read by 128,069 industryprofessionals and top decisionmakers including Presidents andVice-Presidents of Advertising andMarketing, Brand Managers,Agency Executives, Media Buyersand Planners, and their suppliers. Reader-per-copy rating of 16.6,the highest figure in the market.CIRCULATIONTotal: 7,715Paid circulation: 100%
  12. 12. We generated over 60,000 Tweets, posts, links, comments,photo uploads, video uploads from July October 2011
  13. 13. Partnership has itsprivileges.Contact us today! Donna Marie Antoniadis CEO  &  CO-­FOUNDER   416-­730-­5670  ext.  2213     Top  20  Best  Branded     Women  on  Twitter