Mashup University: Fire Eagle


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10 minute presentation for Mashup University

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Mashup University: Fire Eagle

  1. 1. Seth Fitzsimmons, Yahoo! Brickhouse
  2. 2. mashups are mainstream
  3. 3. stand-alone services are stupid
  4. 4. Getting location Using location most location-based services
  5. 5. Getting location Using location Getting location Fire Eagle Using location Getting location Using location
  6. 6. open-ness is the new black
  7. 7. Concepts
  8. 8. Concepts location - point or bounding box location hierarchy - a set of locations at varying degrees of precision
  9. 9. API methods
  10. 10. API methods user - get a user’s location hierarchy
  11. 11. API methods update - set a user’s current position
  12. 12. API methods lookup - disambiguate a location
  13. 13. API methods recent - get recently updated users
  14. 14. API methods within - get users within an area
  15. 15.