aidp dementia paraneoplastic toxic dementias normal pressure hydrocehalus cjd ecephalitis rpd rapidly progressive dementia overlap syndrome myositis-associated antibodies myositis-specific antibodies dermatomyositis auto-immune polymyositis anti synthetase syndrome ibm myopathy ivig gammopathies cidp variants paranodonopathy nodonopathy cidp pns sma spinal muscular atrophy gbs diabetic neuropathy mnds als neuropathy braak staging amyloid theory limbic system temporal lobe anaomy semantic memory episodic memory anatomic basis of memory korsakoff syndrome mesial alzheimer's brain on fire purple day ilae 2017 classification symptomatic seizures autoimmune encephalitis rasmussen encephalitis anti-nmdar encephalitis epilepsy discitis zika virus myelopathy spinal cord infections viral causes of paraparesis myelopathies parneoplastic neurological genetics of parkinsonism vascular parkinsonism park-plus syndromes secondary prkinsonism shy drager syndrome parkinsonian disorders parkinsonism optic neuritis multiple sclerosis ms cis
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