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Use your brain and your heart ! and get success


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Use your brain and your heart ! and get success

  1. 1. Use your BRAIN and your HEART ! and get success Taking a Decisions by your both heart and brain MR.ALAWNEH.
  2. 2. • I observe that people complaining all time , cause they fail with a Decision that had been taken !? • But what I see, such decisions had be taken either by heart (based on feel) or brain (just thinking like robot ) . • And as we know both of them influence on our decisions , and in like manner we get balanced decisions.
  3. 3. • Decisions that taken by brain (primbrain), are taken under conditions out of control so like animals and such conditions related with survive or to protect your self from dangerous effect on your life “instinct” or may decisions depend on thinking (by convex brain (under control)) • “as I think you will harm your heart “ and as a result not balanced decisions.
  4. 4. • Decisions that are taken by HEART , commonly based on what you feel about a things , without even thinking or senses that related with realty . • So as we see , first when we take a decisions by brain may we will achieve our aim but we will lose something else now or later, like social love for example .
  5. 5. • Ex : may full in love with a girl and going on with, absolutely I will broke my heart and feel that I am filer in addition to hear , because I don’t take my conditions to calculate the decision( like I am still student depends on my parents to live ) so all that based on feel without reality . (Example decision take by heart (feel ))
  6. 6. • EX : many companies that established firms in the Amazon, to bee near with raw materials all this based on brain(using brain) ,but all that without feel or have sense with rain forest or people who live there.( Example on decisions that are taken by brain ) then he may fall ,when world know all that about he will lose social love and respect . • So, when we take a decisions we should link our hearts with brains to get balanced decisions that absolutely lead to success .
  7. 7. • Then we want to take a decision , we should use our heart (feelings) and brains(logical thinking ) to reach something that is senses . • Because senses are based on reality , that’s like your steps will be on real ground ( to build your future) not on the air ( like just lazy dreamer )
  8. 8. • So always link your brain with your heart , in your heart will find feels and your brain provide logical thinking and instinct that as you are human ,use all of them then you will goals success in your logical lovely life .