Used cisco equipment


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Founded in 2003, Modern Enterprise Solutions was created to provide customers with the absolute best overall experience possible for their networking and telecom needs.From ordering to product selection and quality, from responsive support to fast, secure delivery, the results of our customer service now allows Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES) to deliver telecom solutions for every facet of networking infrastructure to customers across the United States and around the world.

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Used cisco equipment

  1. 1. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"Modern Enterprise Solutions is a total telecom solutions provider dealing inevery facet of Network InfrastructureFounded in 2003, Modern Enterprise Solutions was created to provide customers with the absolute bestoverall experience possible for their networking and telecom needs.From ordering to product selection and quality, from responsive support to fast, secure delivery, theresults of our customer service now allows Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES) to deliver telecomsolutions for every facet of networking infrastructure to customers across the United States and aroundthe world.Modern Enterprise Solutions has thousands of products from all major manufacturers tested and readyto ship. We have the exact equipment for any need and budget, new and new surplus, certified testedused, refurbished and authorized refurbished.Our extensive inventory, responsive sales professionals, 50,000 square foot warehouse and integratedorder processing system means we have the right equipment available now and that your order can bereceived and shipped in hours, not days.We offer the best product selection for:Data NetworkingTransportClass 5/Soft SwitchOutside PlantHead EndCustomer PremisesTelephonyWireless
  2. 2. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"Our used equipment asset management and recovery programs allow Modern Enterprise Solutions tomaintain legacy equipment, help the environment through refurbishing/recycling/reselling instead oflandfill, and take the risk and worry out of customers getting maximum value of assets.MES can recover asset value, eliminate non-working products and provide complete, offsite supportservices without utilizing outside sources to save our customers time and money.Recycling: Modern Enterprise Solutions’ dedicated recycling facilities environmentally dispose ofunsellable equipment safely and securely.Global De-installation: We provide an all-in-one solution to de-install, remove and ship materials out ofa customer’s facility quickly.Remote Data Network Management: From our online support engineers are available 24/7/365 to helpsite with network configurations, layouts, or topology-based questions.Local Support and Installation: For our Tampa Bay area customers, we will purchase equipment that isno longer in use, provide asset management, recycling and prompt equipment delivery.
  3. 3. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"Benefits ofPurchasing UsedCisco EquipmentEverything seems to be gettingexpensive as time goes by and this isthe reason why each and everyentrepreneur is constantly looking formethods on how to save some cash.IT professionals and all thosecomputer companies often purchaseitems from Cisco because thecompany is known to be a leadingprovider of IT hardware andnetworking. Their products arepopular because of the performanceand quality. It is also the top choice ofIT professionals because it is botheffective and affordable. However,some business owners have found away on how they can save more cashand this is by purchasing used Ciscohardware.Of course, companies do not just getthe loyalty of their customersovernight. They have to work hardand strive to give their clients thebest services in order for them togain their trust. Excellent service andproducts that are top quality are sureways of building a company name.Since Cisco’s services are excellent,this was the reason why it became atrusted brand.Apparently, a lot of businesses thatoperate an internal network want topurchase products from Cisco if theyneed to improve the performance oftheir networks or change someequipment. Because a lot of businessowners would like to save, instead ofbuying brand new ones, they opt topurchase those used Cisco hardwareinstead.Purchasing second hand hardwarewill surely enable you to save a lot ofmoney. However, apart from theaffordability that this method canbring, it can also lessen the need foradditional training. You will no longerfind the need to train those who willhandle the system because you willbe sticking with the same vendor.This will allow you to save a lot ofmoney and time.Those providers who offer secondhand cisco-certified products havemore advantage than those whooffer items from other brands. This isbecause those Cisco’s products haveto pass a lot of quality checks beforethey are released in the market. Thecompany is known to have highstandards when it comes to thequality of all their hardware. Theyimplement strict assessments so thatthey will be able to guaranteeexcellent equipment and services to
  4. 4. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"all of their consumers. This is why youwill still be assured that the productyou buy still works perfectly even if itis second hand.Purchasing used Cisco equipment canalso help you save the environmentbecause you are following theprinciple of reusing. You will be ableto help lessen those items that arepiled up on landfills because youreused something.Know the Top Factsabout Used CiscoEquipmentWhen you want to purchase usedequipment or any computer stuff,you need to consider a lot of factorsthat come with it. There is apossibility of purchasing all hardwarefrom one reliable supplier online orgetting each of them from a differentdistributor locally whichever makesthe process easier for you. It isimportant to consider your budgetconditions while looking up on theseitems. You should know some factsthat would help you find recycledequipment that are worthy of yourhard earned cash. To provide you aconsumer advantage, here are sometop facts about buying used Ciscoproducts.Refurbished items are cheap, oldmodels, and can be unreliable yet stillmany people love to buy theseproducts, but why? IT productresellers have reliably put theirmoney on most reputablemanufacturers in the market such asCisco. They have complete qualitycontrol even if it is a used item. Theymake sure they only deal withoriginal and authentic equipment andsell it to the market. Look forreputable and reliable used Ciscovendors that conduct broad tests onall second-hand equipment beforeadding it on their shelves. You areassured that they came from areliable company who only sells topquality and well-maintained items.Leading vendors are proudly sellingauthentic old and new models thatare always in stock. You just need tolook further if you haven’t found theright hardware yet. Marketers keeptrack of various hardware products indifferent parts of the country andthey could deliver it right at yourdoor step when it’s available. Thereare potential risks involve when
  5. 5. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"dealing with refurbished modelswhere you can’t guarantee itslongevity. The most important thingyou need to consider is the warrantyservice from the manufacturer even ifit’s already a second-hand product.Talk to the seller on how you canavail these services.Be a wise consumer when buyingitems off the market that involvesCisco refurbished routers. It is asmart and cheap investment until youhave finally tested the productyourself. After it has been shippedand delivered, have it installed andset-up accordingly from the cables tothe routers and hard drive and makesure they are fully functional,compatible, and 100% operational. Itis indeed a successful buy even if itcame from a company who utilized itin a lengthy duration. Do not bereluctant when buying these thingsbecause you can save money onevery refurbished item that has beenpre and post approved by certifiedtechnicians. Now be smart andchoose your vendors wisely.Tips in Choosing aUsed Cisco ProviderIf you are looking at buying usedCisco products you have to make surethat what you will be buying is anauthorized item and not from anunknown source. Cisco is amultinational company thatmanufactures and sells networkingequipments. It is one of the first tosell commercially successful routerssustaining numerous networkprotocols. There are plenty ofgadgets sold online that may havethe risk of being stolen or fake. It isimperative to only purchase from theoriginal supplier to ensure its bestcondition. Getting it from certifiedprovider will guarantee that it isgenuine. When making your selectionon used gadgets find out the pros andcons of each one.Over the years the phenomenalgrowth of the internet hascontinuously increased the suppliesof different software and internetsupporting systems. The growingdemand provides many choices ofnew and used devices. Used Ciscotools include switches, routers,firewalls, wireless, IP and phones,interfaces and modules, power andmemory. Identify which tool youneed and start surveying various
  6. 6. CALL TODAY (866) 305-8597"Your premier choice for network and telecom gear"suppliers in the market. Make a list ofthe different providers and comparethe services, customer supportsystem and price rates. Also take intoconsideration the time duration ofthe warranty of pre-ownedequipment.Quality assurance is vital in pickingyour provider to make certain thatthe equipment works like brand new.In network production, it is essentialto find authentic gear that performswell. In the resale industry,companies set standards forsecondhand mechanisms. Find thetop selling pre owned distributorsthat sell certified, tested, approved,and high quality devices. Anotherimportant key in choosing a dispenseris to research on financing optionsand loan terms. Lots of resellingcompanies give finance assistance tocustomers. Ask about the details ofeach option and the advantages itoffers.The easiest way to make comparisonsand decide on the best choice topurchase is making use of onlinewebsites that offer quick and easyguides on the different products andgive instant quotations for prices.Internet surveys will give yourecommendations from othercustomers and is less timeconsuming.Most popularly sold are Ciscoswitches that come in differentmodels. With numerous types tochoose from, it is imperative tocompare the benefits anddisadvantages of each one. The twomain features of switches are fixedconfiguration and modular. Fixedtype covers wide range of functionsand is usually used in smallbusinesses and mid sizeorganizations. A modular kind offershigh scale performance and flexibilityin configuration used in largercompanies. Determine which bestmatches your needs and make yourdecision based on the one with themost efficient function andreasonable rate to purchase.