Why runescape is the best browser mmorpg


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Why runescape is the best browser mmorpg

  1. 1. What the Runescape World Has To Offer - Free Browser MMORPG GamesRunescape is hands down the best free browser MMORPG today. It has millions ofactive players, over one hundred servers and en enormous virtual game world. Membershave made Jagex, the London-based maker of Runescape, one of the top gamescompanies in the UK.So what makes RS so good? What does the Runescape have to offer? Here are some ofthe factors that have contributed to its success over the years.Unusual Quests and StorylinesUnlike most other MMO games, RS quests are never of the “kill ten giant rat and I willgive you 10,000 exp” type. Quests always have a story and all the tasks given to theplayer are fully explained and make sense in the story. Many quests don’t even requirecombat – they focus on solving puzzles instead.Community and Fan SitesSince the MMORPG was first launched 10 years ago, there have been many changes tothe game but one thing always remains the same: an active and lively community.However, since it is a free browser game, it does attract a lot of young players so thecommunity is not as mature as in other games.Robust PvPRunescape also boasts very robust PvP content. Duelling, player killing, mingames andother combat content are quite popular in the game. In the PvP area of the game, thewilderness, clans or guild made up of hundreds of players will often war with each other.Bots and Cheats
  2. 2. Unfortunately bots or third party software use is far too common in RS. While cheating isalways a problem for MMORPGs, Runescape has it worse than most since it is a freebrowser game and its anti-bot detection is not that effective because cheaters can justmake new accounts if their old accounts are banned.Runescape EconomyThe virtual world’s economy is somewhat a mess. Inflation is rampant, partly because ofall the players who cheat but mainly because gold is constantly created in the gamethrough monster drops or player skills but there are still few mechanisms in the game forremoving gold. So gold is being created every second but it is almost never taken out ofthe game. This has resulted in items always increasing in price, so much so that manynew players are unable to keep up with this runaway inflation.For example, if a player wants to buy a rare item worth 100 million then he will have tospend 5 months getting that much gp. However, after 5 months the item’s price wouldhave doubled and he would have to get another 100 million gold coins but by the time hegot that 200 million that he needs, the item would already be worth 350 million, and soforth.That’s why many players turn to gold sellers for help. There are many websites that sellRunescape gold. Oftentimes it is only by buying Runescape gold that RS players can gethigh level or rare items in the game.Article and information by Buy Runescape Gold Guide Blog