SBE Social Media Case Study


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Social media strategy - case study

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  • SBE Social Media Case Study

    1. 1. I worked with Jamie on a website with an insanely tight deadline. She put in the hours, produced excellent work, made changes as needed. And never complained. (In fact, she was downright cheery.) Thanks to her heroic commitment, we were able to launch on time. Jamie was a pleasure to work with, and I’d happily Sheer Blonde Entourage partner with her again. Social Media Strategy Marie MacNee April 2010
    2. 2. Sheer Blonde Entourage ® • To promote Sheer Blonde shampoos and conditioners, we played on the idea that blondes have more fun. And deserve special treatment. • We created banners, a Facebook page, a YouTube contest and emails that all pointed to the place where blondes have more fun:
    3. 3. YouTube • The Sheer Blonde Entourage Spotlight Contest
    4. 4. YouTube The chance to sing with Natasha Bedingfield • A video on the John Frieda YouTube channel describes how to enter the “Sheer Blonde Entourage Spotlight Contest” • The Song tab provides music and lyrics • The Submit tab lets contestants upload videos of themselves singing along with Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Pocketful of Sunshine”
    5. 5. • The homepage theater drives visitors to the YouTube contest • Banners promote the Sheer Blonde Entourage, which will extend beyond the contest • Visitors can visit Natasha Bedingfield’s site and purchase ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ right from the homepage
    6. 6. We supported the microsite and YouTube contest on Facebook, where the John Frieda® US page features Sheer Blonde
    7. 7. The Sheer Blonde Tab leads visitors to the YouTube contest, microsite and product pages
    8. 8. Facebook John Frieda US • The page, which will live beyond the Spotlight contest, promotes both the Sheer Blonde Entourage and the YouTube contest • A product callout reminds visitors who is sponsoring the opportunity to sing with Natasha Bedingfield, and drives them to Sheer Blonde product information
    9. 9. Meanwhile... • A sweepstakes - the first in a series of “exclusive membership benefits” - spike interest in the Sheer Blonde Entourage, which would outlive the YouTube contest • Banners, emails and the microsite promote the sweeps. The prize: A trip for two to New York or LA.
    10. 10. Banners promote the sweeps, link to the microsite...
    11. 11. ... and tout the benefits of being blonde
    12. 12. An email to blondes pushes to the microsite and provides a forward-to-a-friend link
    13. 13. As does a second email for the “blonde-curious”
    14. 14. The results? More than 87,000 YouTube channel views in the first 3 days
    15. 15. STAY TUNED What kind of activity will Sheer Blonde Entourage see as the end of the contest nears? As the actual stage appearance approaches? And as the sweepstakes winners are announced? Check back often for breaking news...