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Art 42, f14 slides 01


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Illustrator files, student works to be viewed. Let me get more files in here before we start the suggestions or critiques happening.

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Art 42, f14 slides 01

  1. 1. This is our first critique. Write up a review with suggestions for improvement to at least one other student in the class. Use the slide show examples to work from. Title your post in the Disc. Forum, Smith for Jones, only of course your last and for the last name of the person that you are reviewing. I’ll do one in here as an example, then you guys jump in and write up at least fifty words. You can say what your fellow student did well, and then suggest another area for improvement. Be kind. Start with things like, “have you tried a larger font on…or, what would it look like if you changed that blue to a similar red as in the background image?” You get the idea.
  2. 2. Sam Harmon, tut. on swirls, custom brushes
  3. 3. Sam Harmon, Pen Tool use Elsa, character
  4. 4. Michael Lawler, Pen Tool use, Blend Tool suggestion, Jenner
  5. 5. Michael Lawler, Vector gradient mesh, original photo, and broken apart into components
  6. 6. J. Albee, Logo
  7. 7. J. Albee, flyer
  8. 8. That’s it for now, but you should see more soon. Come back and look again in a day or two. - Michael Jenner