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DeviceNow IT_Infrastructure_Solutions

  1. 1. DeviceNow IT Infrastructure Solutions.DeviceNow provides robust and comprehensive cloud-based IT management solutions forcustomers in the areas of IT service management, Asset Management, Availability Management,Issue management and End-user computing management.Our Support offering covers a wide range of services on;• End User Support• Server Management• Network Management• Database & Application Support• Backup and RestorationEnd-User SupportDeviceNow end-user support services focus on reducing your end user operations managementcosts while ensuring availability and security of the systems. Our service delivery team worksclosely with customer’s teams to ensure the business requirements are met efficiently andeffectively.Our services for End-User/Desktop management include:• Remotely managing your desktops via Kaseya SAAS Product• Troubleshooting• Security management and patch updates• Automatic notification of potential problems• Periodic PC backup• Asset Management• Performance reporting• Schedule Hard Disk De-Fragmentation• Hard-Disk Free Space Alert
  2. 2. .Server ManagementDeviceNow server management service offers support and management services for MicrosoftServer Infrastructure. We bring unique combination of people, process and technologyframework to help organizations optimize the server infrastructure, increase availability, to helporganizations maintain a competitive edge. Some of the key offerings under Server ManagementServices are:• Monitoring and management• Core Applications & backend server support• Server efficiency Management• Virtual Server Maintenance• Vulnerability management• Disaster recovery
  3. 3. Network ManagementThe focus of DeviceNow network monitoring services is reduction of your infrastructuremanagement costs.Our services include:Remote Network infrastructure management and support for routers, switches and firewalls,LAN where network operations include:• Preventive maintenance• Automatic Notification for potential network problems• Network performance and optimization• Network Health Monitoring• Firewall ManagementWe provide customized daily, weekly and monthly reports, including, but not limited to, usagepatterns, error reports, and capacity planning, as per customer’s requirements.Database & Application SupportOur database administration services cover database administration, implementation,optimization, support, maintenance and disaster recovery of database systems. Databaseperformance is monitored to agreed service standards to identify and resolve issues before theybecome a problem. We offer MSSQL Server management services addressing a full range ofdatabase support services, including:1. Health Checks - ensuring that your databases working correctly for optimal performance,security and disaster recovery.2. Routine checks includes:a. System availabilityb. Capacity Monitoring.c. Error Monitoring, analysis and management.d. Database backup monitoring.e. System error monitoring.f. Corrective action for all supported elements3. System state managementa. Perform and monitor maintenance shutdowns
  4. 4. b. Carry out startups and perform system sanity checking4. Monitor Operating System Capacity.5. Return the system to normal operating state after a system or service failure.Backup and RestorationDeviceNow uses AppAssure tool for backup and recovery services such as:a. Creation and maintenance of Backup plans and proceduresb. Schedule and Monitor/Perform backupsc. Monitor for backup failures and take corrective actionsd. Data restoratione Database restorationf. Remote Storage ManagementPartnersWe continuously strive to build relationships with technology partners, both product and servicesbased companies. Our alliances with world-class technology and software companies allow us toaccess the latest technologies. This, in turn, enables us to master powerful and new technologiesrapidly, and leverage these technologies to deliver business value to our clients. Find below ourIT Infrastructure Partners;Kaseya Barracuda