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Success of Bloggers with Virtual Assistants


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Behind every successful virtual entrepreneur is an online personal assistant who works tirelessly to get the tasks done. If you're a businessman with a VA, find out how you can maximize your virtual assistant's skills for the benefit of your business.

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Success of Bloggers with Virtual Assistants

  1. 1. In contrast to traditional industries like manufacturing and constructionwhich has the tendency to become stagnant, online businesses such asoutsourcing companies have grown faster than expected creating under 30millionaires.Perhaps, these names ring a bell. MatthewMickiewicz Catherine Cook Peter Cashmore (Sitepoint) ( (
  2. 2. The success of online media gave birth to blogging. This provided the once financiallystruggling writing industry a graceful turn and gave the new age entrepreneurs anovel business idea.The names Darren Rowse, John Chow, Yaro Starak and Tyler Cruz are few careershifters of online marketing.These experts usually work virtually with the support from their skillful virtualassistants like virtual assistant web developers, graphics artist, marketer and evenghost writers.
  3. 3. Being a virtual assistant is an employment trend for those who prefer to workfrom home. In fact… 69.3% of the VAs are married 96.8% are women 76.1% have children 90.99% of the VAs consider their online work as their primary career. These statistics prove that work from home jobs such as being a personal virtual assistant is becoming popular for those who want to focus on their families.
  4. 4. Large companies, particularly those who are includedin Americas Fortune 500 see virtual staffing as aviable solution to pacify the need for a cost-effectiveworkforce. "Virtual Work Environments in a Post-Recession Era“ Brandman University
  5. 5. Linda Stewart, CEO of Interaction Associates pointed out tips to make virtualcollaboration substantial and result-driven.Balancing OutHiring virtual assistants is a promising way to take on a new business or biggerprojects without taking out a large chunk of your financial capital.Take note that working with offshore virtual assistants can be different fromdealing with office-based employees. With this, businessmen should implementa standard process and expect his team to practice it every time they try toaccomplish a task.
  6. 6. Build RelationshipsAppreciate! Whatever type of incentive you give, this will surely encourage your virtual assistantsto work more. Saying "thank you" for every job well done is enough for a dailyconfidence boost for your VAs.Empathize!If you listen to them whenever they have suggestions, they will most likely respect youmore as an employer. To deepen rapport, sharing personal stories and interest wouldmake your virtual assistant feel valuable.