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http://www.marketgeeks.com - There are several markets that offer volatility for traders. No market has better swings than the currency markets. Learn how to take advantage of the currency markets with simple swing trading rules that can benefit your trading.

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Learn how to trade currency markets transcript

  1. 1. Best Swing Trading Course Transcript 1. Title 2. Good day everyone, I would like to welcome you to another video tutorial from Market Geeks. This is Roger Scott and I also want to thank you for subscribing to our channel. 3. I received several emails during the past few days about our swing trading workshop and I want to answer some questions about it in this video. 4. Basically the swing trading workshop is a 4 hour condensed presentation of a workshop that Market Geeks did live a few years back, the original workshop was 2 days long and we were able to fit all the relevant material into 4 hours. 5. We made sure to cover the exact same material and as a bonus took all the important questions from the workshop, added some additional questions and made a quiz that you can take and grade yourself at the end of the workshop. 6. The workshop covers several low risk high reward trading strategies and provides detailed explanation on how to trade these methods. 7. You will also learn how to manage risk, place profit targets and calculate position size using volatility and other concepts that most traders who are starting out don’t know much about. 8. One very important topic that is covered in the workshop video is expectancy and how to calculate positive expectancy to make sure that your trading method is making you money in the long run. Many traders don’t realize till it’s too late that their method doesn’t produce positive expectancy and it’s only a matter of time till they wipe out their trading account. 9. Most trading courses focus on one or two topics, the short term trading workshop covers all the basic pieces that traders need to know before risking money. 10. You will learn technical analysis and how to apply simple analytical tools to analyze market action. 11. The trading set ups can also be applied intra-day if you prefer to day trade. The only adjustment you will need to make is the time frame of the bars, the methods do not change. So if you trade E-mini futures contracts, you can trade each method intraday using 5 minute bar charts if you like. 12. If you have any more questions about the short term trading workshop please email us at support@marketgeeks.com, we will reply to you within 24 hours. 13. That’s it for today’s video, please visit us soon for more trading strategies and set ups. This is Roger Scott, thanking you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel ….and visit us at MarketGeeks.com. http://marketgeeks.com/best-swing-trading-course-learn-swing-trading-at-market-geeks/