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Randy King Book Cover V1 Rev 6 12 2


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My latest book

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Randy King Book Cover V1 Rev 6 12 2

  1. 1. He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he KING whose mind is lled with falsehoods and errors. omas Je erson What is is book is for every American that goes the extra mile to What is BEST for AMERICA? ensure the legacy of our great nation. BEST is book will inspire you to do great things in America! What they don’t teach our young people in school Stop the blame game and take control of your Country Stay engaged beyond the election process-keep up with what for the politicians are doing; not just when they are campaigning for o ce. AMERICA? Lead a no-excuse life No one controls you but YOU Build your personal Foundation LEFT RIGHT Reclaim your AMERICAN PRIDE What’s next for America e purpose of this book is in my desire for a better America to ensure a stronger future for our children. It’s Our Country It’s YOUR Choice CENTER Winning Strategies, oughts & Inspirations $24.95 Randy E. King