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  1. 1. My city We areWe are:: Nil and DANI
  2. 2. We are going to talk about Rome
  3. 3. RomeRome is in Italy.ItalyItaly.Italy is in EuropeEurope
  4. 4. In ROME there are: • Important museums • The Coliseum • A football stadium • Interesting Roman ruins • Pizzerias
  5. 5. What welikeabout Romeis The interesting coliseum The pizza The lovely museums The nice football stadium
  6. 6. FACTS An interesting fact about ROME is: The Coliseum
  7. 7. One similar thing with my city is: PIZZA One diferent thing about my city is: COLISEUM
  8. 8. We get the information in: IINNTTEERRNNEETT