Real Estate Video and The YouTube Generation


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Mark Schow, owner of Mediamax, Inc. provides the step by step process for setting up a youtube channel and recommendations for tagging, keywording and customizing video content for search engine optimization.

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Real Estate Video and The YouTube Generation

  1. 1. Real Estate Video &The Generation Mark Schow Owner - Mediamax,
  2. 2. Workshop Agenda1. Creating & Customizing a personal YouTube channel2. Video descriptions, tags & annotations3. Creating “no cost” videos & playlists4. Screen Capture videos using Jing5. YouTube Key Wording & tagging for SEO
  3. 3. Channel Set Up Checklist• Go to • Click Create Account (upper right corner) • Connect with Google Account • Create YouTube username• Edit Channel • Appearance • Info, settings, description & tags • Featured Tab settings• Edit Account settings • Profile Setup • Sharing settings • Subscriptions & address book• Create Video Content • Flip & webcam videos • Virtual tours as videos • Screen capture videos • Real Estate relevant playlists • PowerPoint presentations as videos • Creative commons videos
  4. 4. Why Video?• 50% higher chance of first page rankings• Video thumbnails in results attract attention• Video is more engaging & entertaining Why YouTube? • Owned by Google • Ranked 2nd most popular search engine • YouTube Channels are FREE!!